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Newark Airport to SFO...ski transport questions

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I am flying solo from Newark, NJ to San Francisco in late Feb. Will be in Tahoe for five days. I have only flown once with ski equipment (1991) and I want to make sure I am doing this smartly and efficiently. I called the airline and in addition to ONE checked bag I can also check a ski bag AND a boot bag.

I plan to bring the following:

1. Dakine rolling ski bag (to be checked)
2. Dakine boot locker (Pretty large and fits my boots and all goggles, gloves etc. also to be checked)
3. Large Jansport rolling duffel (for my clothes, etc. I think it needs to be checked as well...too large)
4. Small carry on bag for snacks, magazines, Ipod, etc.

The airline will allow everything I've brought. Should I ditch the boot bag? I guess I could put the boots in my rolling duffel but I figured if the airline allowed it what the heck. What do you think?



Edit******thought I posted this in the Resorts forum. if mods think they want to move it no problem. Thanks.
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Jesus, why do you need so many pairs of shoes??? Sorry just reliving an argument I had with my wife prior to our last ski trip.

Anyhow, try to cut back on non-skiing essentials and try to pack your boots in your duffle along with everything else. Given that it is just you, logistically moving that many pieces of luggage is a bitch.

don't forget to tape you ski's together as well. Forgot to last year, the ruff handling seperated my skis, gouged the bottoms of both stik good. Now I bubble wrap my binders and tape them up solidly.

have fun
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As you are only planning one carry-on right now, make your ski boots your second carry on. If something screws up (even though it appears no connectors) at least you can rent real skis in Tahoe. Imagine spending 5 days in POS rental boots .
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Forget the boot locker. Pack your boots in a backpack style boot bag with one set of ski pants, base layer, hat, gloves, goggles, and carry it on. Wear your ski jacket and a pair of spring gloves.
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Thanks guys. I am definitely going to skip the Boot Locker and just put my boots in a carry on bag. I actually have a small backback that holds boots that I will bring on the plane.
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Make sure your large roller doesn't weigh over 50 Lbs or you'll have to sit in the terminal and move clothes to your ski bag. Or pay a $ penalty...

My buddy had to move stuff out on the curb leaving from Salt Lake last year.
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Good points here. I guess my other point is how well SFO handles ski equipment. I know SLC, Denver and Reno are used to this equipment, but SFO? Anyone flown there with gear?
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him not me ..

This is "second hand" information. I am just the airport "limo" driver now.

My son travels a five or six times a year with skis and there have been no issues to date in the last two years.

Bag #1 has two pairs of skis GS/SL or 2XGS ... zip pants, race suit, poles and other stuff around the skis.

Bag #2 is a medium rolling duffle with general "clothes".

Bag #3 serves as his "carry on". It is a Trans-Sport boot bag .... with boots (stuffed with socks etc.), gloves and "other" junk.
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I've flown to SFO and SJC with my sporttube without any issues in the past.

Another weight tip - make sure the scale is zero-ed out.
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I fly over 125k miles a year... that's air miles.

DO NOT check anything you MUST have when you arrive. Simple as that.

I'd carry outer wear, boots onto the plane. Skip snacks and reading material if necessary.

If they screw up you can rent skis, buy underwear, buy deoderant, etc.

Finally, TALKING to the airline about what they allow is fine... for discussion. You need it IN WRITING or be faced with a check-in agent having different ideas on what is permitted.

I've always padded my skis in the ski bag.

Snowing like crazy here (tahoe)..finally getting real cold and dry!

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yep. The person you get at check in is the person you have to deal with. The Delta idiot I got at LAX was convinced any bag over 60 inches had to be too long and was going to cost 100 bucks. Full stop. If I'd tried to check my boot bag as well, I'd have been in big trouble! so beware. Print out the regs if you can find them.
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I thought you were charged for any checked bags in excess of 2 per person.

Your roller Dakine ski bag should hold alot of clothes in addition to skis / poles.

I have such a bag and get everything I need in it plus a boot bag that I check. Carry on a HeliPro with outerwear.

A group of us flew into Sun Valley 2 years ago. No bags for 24 hours. Ski clothing was the hardest thing to accumulate / rent / buy on that first day.
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