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I'm selling these skis because I have no use for them now. They were used by a sponsored racer in 2003-2004 and then by me this year, so maybe 50 days max on them. These have the sticker, so they are the real deal. Tuned to .5/3, still a lot (and I mean A LOT) of edge left, no scratches on the base and still has a nice structure but could use a good grind to flatten. Bindings (s916) are a bit screwy, but I used them anyway (the plate that is on top of the brakes bends somewhat) and they release good. Ski has only one chip near the back prolink due to a gate impact in a fall, this can be repaired quite easily by a good shop, or just left alone (slalom skis usually have several of these chips after a hard season of racing).

Pictures are available upon request. 200$ or best offer.