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GS11 vs RaceTiger

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After going to take a look at the 190 GS11 Race Stocks, I can see what everyone was talking about that they may (may is an understatement) be too large. After some debate, I've decided a 183 size ski would work better. I won't be able to get the deal so I thought to myself, why not take a look at some of the other skis if I’m going to be paying full price. I'm going to be demoing the GS11 Race Stock in a 183 this weekend as well as a pair of Race Tigers in probably a 180. My question is, which of the two do you like better? Benefits and fallbacks of each? Difference in response and feel? Thanks.
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I find it hard to believe no one has used both skis in here and can't over an opinion.
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No knowledge at all on the GS11 but I bought the 180 GS Race Tiger for my husband with the IPT binding. He found them to be very technical. Those skis are for sale if you're interested.
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GS11 is not really a great freeski, at least the retail version. Pretty demanding, not alot of room for error-I couldn't relax as much as I could on some other GS race boards. Every time I tried to relax, the ski would want to hook up and go, whether I was ready or not. Very solid in the course, pretty light, good rebound. I haven't skied the Race Tiger, but the P60 GS is one of the best freeskiing GS's around. I didn't run gates on that one, but it may be a little too forgiving in the course.
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