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Buying Help!!

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Hello everyone!

I am buying my second set of skis. My first pair was purchased more than 10 years ago! (a pair of Elan F.A.S. 185 straight skis)

Here is my dilemma. I do not really know what I want. And I do not have a whole lot of money. I am looking at ebay and there is plenty of new and used equipment on there, but I do not know what will work for me. I can not afford to go up and demo a bunch of skis (no time and/or money for that). So... here are my specifics and hopefully someone out there can give me some good sound advice.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 Lbs.
Current Gear: Elan FAS 185cm w/Tyrolia 190D bindings. Getting Rossignol Salto Boots.
Years skiing: 10+ (4-5 times/year)
Skiing Level: Advanced (can ski all terrain including double diamonds, but prefer the single black diamonds).
Skiier Type: I'm a carver, I like steep, groomed trails. Some moguls. I like to go fast and do lots of turns. I will ocassionaly cut between trails, but do not do much powder. I enjoy getting air, but I'm not an aerial artist (far from it, I probably look like I'm going to eat it off jumps). But jumps are too fun!

These Forums have been very helpful... any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Here are some links in ebay for products I am looking at;

Thank you in advance,
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From what you've told us, my money is on the Dyanstar Outlands in 186 cm. Unused, suits your purposes and weight. I'm send you a pm with bid suggestion.
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all the skis you have listed there are lower end skis. I know the K2 freedom and the rossi Cut 10.4 are made for rental fleets. Sure they retail some but for the most part you see them as low end rentals. If you are skiing blacks they will let you down in a big way. Since price is a factor here, look at some other skis in that same price range. I just saw on e bay a pair of Olin Outlimits. The Outerlimits is the same ski as the K2 X15 with out the electric damping device that the K2 had.They are a ski for advanced and expert skiers. the Seller seems to have few pair in diffrent sizes of this vary good all mountain ski. Also there are some new k2 X14's this is a nice even flexing ski for an advanced skier. I was thinking of getting a pair of the X14's for my early season rock ski.At $99.00 dollors I really don't cry to much about the base damage. All the skis are around a little more then $ 100.00 and are far better then anything you listed. All the skis are new not used but a few years old. They will be light years better then what you are on now and should be fine for you.
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Utah49, since the guy skis groomers and does not put in that many on-snow days a year, what's the problem with the Dynastar Outlands? The skis you mentiond are more MY kind of skis, but not for groomers, which is what KevDog skis.
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well oboe my friend he said he likes fast black runs and gets some air. I see the Outlands in a lot of rental fleets. I also believe that they are a foam core ski at the lower end of the dynastar line. The skis that I posted were all higher end skis just a few years old and still in the wraper. IMHO They are built to hold an edge and not washout at speed as well as a good all Mountain ski. I just think for about the same amount of money he would be getting a much better ski. I'm a born cheapskate. I like getting as much Bang for my buck as possible.
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Well... The skis you are looking at are a bit old and you would probably enjoy a shorter ski (>180cm)...

There are a lot of great sales at the shops right now - worth spending some time shopping. I have just put a pair of Atomic 9.12s (170cm) from last year for sale in a local shop ($200 + shipping, no bindings). They are great on hard steeps, lightening quick turners. Not skied more than 6 times - excellent condition.
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Thanks all for the info! This forum is great!

I went ahead and bought the outlands for $135, and got a set of Rossignol FTX 120 bindings (I hope these are alright). I figure at that price, even if I have to sell them within a couple years, I have not lost much.

See you on the slopes!

KevDog [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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