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Smelly boots, remedy?

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This is an advanced case. Anecdotal evidence: I can pick out the smell of my ski boots in a busy ski room and tell whether my boots were stuffed in there overnight. This is NOT GOOD 'cause in a more confined space, like a car, the stinker is easily identified. Well, I was living with this problem for quite a while and ignored it (cause I can, cause I ski good (;->)), but heck it's time to do something about it.
Nope, I cannot take out the liners and throw them in the washing machine.
Nope, I don't just want to ditch them.

If I'd still lived in Europe I'd get Sagrotan spray but here in the US I have no idea what the good stuff is. So I turn to this board in dispair and wonder. THX for the help in advance.
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Make sure they are completely dried every night and use Baking powder based odor killers.

I use Odor Eater brand and have tried Gold bond. Both work pretty well.

The key is DAILY and keep them dry.
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Do you take out the liners to make sure there's no water in the shell?
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Places that sell hockey stuff usually have powder or sprays that are meant to kill the toughest of all puke inducing odor: sweaty gloves and jock-straps. Also, removing the liners and drying the boot and shell completly is a must. And if there's fongus in there (I had shells rot on me before), hot water + a soft soap (dishwaping soap) combined with baking powder might do the trick. I said might.
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In Oz the product to use is called DEO-FRESH....

the active ingredient is the interesting part - formaldehyde! Kills germy things & so smell....

you can spray on skin(feet) boots shoes etc.... works a treat on ski boots (spray liners, shells etc)....

It is quite dilute... hunt for a foot/shoe spray with formaldehyde (or glutaraldehyde will do.... may disguise self as formalin(solution of) )
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Anyone try the Febreeze type of odor spray for fabrics? I also had a limo company recommend a home made new car smell mixture of including a small dash of vanilla and baking soda disolved in water and sprayed in the air vents and roof lining to get rid of the smoke smell etc.
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deo-fresh beat Febreze hands down!
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97% of the smell of death .... UCH .... comes from letting your sock touch that wet fungi and bacteria ladden floor of the "lodge".

With my kids boots ... a bath of laundry soap and baking soda ..

followed by a spritz of Fabreeze.

Some relief was better than no relief.

I hated turning on the heater when he took his shoes off for the ride home!
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An easy remedy that has worked for me is simply putting the liners in the freezer. After putting them in plastic bags to avoid contaminating the food. Or if its really cold just leave them outside over night.

This kills the bacteria that causes the odor.

It has however got to be done at an early stage or the liners wont be smell free.
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"Boot Juice" Spray works great. It also can be used to disinfect a hospital room occupied by an illegal alien with tuberculosis. No kidding, read the label!
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dry those boots immediately after getting home. without fail, i take the liners out, stick them under the car vent, and they're mostly dry by the time i get home.

mine stink, but given that i don't wear socks with my boots, they could be far far worse. or, get new footbeds, since i think they take the majority of the funk. at least the footbeds are the main culprit in my boots.
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You could also use a boot dryer that plugs into the car cig lighter, while you're driving home from the hill. By the time I get home, the boots are nice and dry.
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Originally Posted by jjdow
You could also use a boot dryer that plugs into the car cig lighter, while you're driving home from the hill. By the time I get home, the boots are nice and dry.
And all life extinct inside the car (;->)

Well, going through a cabinet where I "store" stuff, looking for baking soda or something, I came across an old bottle of Lysol. Sprayed everything thorroughly, took out the food beds and such.
Will post if that brought any dramatic improvements post skiing. So far cheese ough is replaced by Lysol "fresh". Not sure what's worse.
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I pulled my liners out this morning and put them and the shells in front of the furnace registers.

When I walked in the door tonight, I could distinctly smell BOOTS!
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A dab of mentholated rub under the nostrils should do the trick...
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