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tuning tools...

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can someone walk me through what to buy? I kind of know but im at tognar.com right now and there is like 10 different versions of each thing on my list.

What the heck am i suposed to buy...i have no idea. I certianly dont want to buy the wrong stuff! Thanks!
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Tognar has a few bundles if I remember correctly for starters to experts and different budget levels- scrapers, iron, wax, cork, brushes- (nylon and horse hair min), gummi stones or deburring stones, some sand paper maybe and some vices are probably a mimimum (but I think you made some vice/ski holder from the other threads). Base cleaner (or some use soft wax) for waxing. Then if you want to do more than wax, you need edge tuning/sharpening stuff like guides (base angle and side angle to match your brand skis or your preference), file(s), stones- one hard one soft and/or one course, one fine depending on preferences), and then the sky is the limit for gadgets and other things that may be needed- side wall planers, base structure tools, more brushes, more wax specific for temp and snow conditions......
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Tognar's bundles aren't all that great in my opinion. The SVST stuff is much better. Pick one of these http://www.race-werks.com/store.php?...&sub_cat_id=49
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