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Originally Posted by cgeib
From just about any side you would have to ski uphill to get to the top of a mogul ...and you slow down when skiing uphill right?
Hmm, I think I may see what you're talking about. Like speed, you have to make the mogul your friend. I see an approaching bump and I start turning my skis to hit it sideways. If I were to keep a straighter line and use more absorption, the skis will ride up the mogul and slow me down. Is that right?

I have to say, it's a totally new thing for me approaching skiing from an analytical perspective as opposed to just intuitively (from observation and repetition). I think it's going to help me a lot, once I get the hang of it. Until recently, the only thing I thought about in the moguls is turn a lot and keep my hands in front of me (and before last year when I read about the hands tip on this board, I just thought about turning a lot).
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Try this, traverse across the bumps, as you come up to a bump pick up your uphill foot, as you go over the crest set down the foot and pull it back under you. As you become comfortable with it, start to add in some turns. If you feel like you've slid back, do a few traverses lifting the uphill foot to recenter.

A friend of mine was in a Dev team prep and skied up up to the examiner after trying this and said it was a neat drill. The examiner, Bart, responded "I just made it up." I wish I could think of stuff like that on the fly.
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MJ- I would ask you to feed your tips down the hill more. Try to always be showing your ski graphics downhill not up the hill. I do this with a rounder line and a more carved tail following tip. You show more of a pivot with tail going out wider. I would try pressing your ski's down as you crest the bump to try and maintain ski snow contact.

I feel you are a little back but I think by feeding the tips more it will be fine. With your feet slightly infront of your hips you gain a great range of motion to absorb the bump so I am comfortable with that as long as it continues to catch back up and you do not stay in the back seat.

Overall I think some nice skiing. Keep at it
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