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Thanks in advance for any info people can share. I'm going out to Colorado next month and need to get some goggles. I remember seeing a site with the descriptions of the different lenses and how they react with certain environments...the glare, contrast, all that stuff...I can't seem to find the site so I was hoping someone can help me with what I should get. I seem to remember that permission is a decent all-round color to use but I could be wrong.

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Goggles are somewhat of a personal choice, and real enthusiasts will get different goggles (or lenses) for different situations. For example, clear for night skiing, yellow for flat light, and dark lenses for bright days.

For me, I really like the Scott "Light Amplifier" lens, which is offered in a number of Scott models. The lens is transparent enough for me to use at night, it's very good in low or flat light, and they're quite OK for me if its bright. And you can interchange the lenses if you want to. About $65, depending upon model.

My sons wear Oakley A-Frames with Persimmon lenses in all conditions and like them also. Like the Light Amplifier lenses, the Oakley Persimmon tint isn't too dark and transmits a fair amount of light. These lenses are also interchangable. About $85.
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