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whistler on the cheap???

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. . .without staying in a hostel (got my laptop and other stuff leftover from work with me. . .)? looking at around $120 CDN or less / night.

but is still within walking distance of the lifts?

any suggestions, or websites with decent deals? and what's the word on discount tickets?

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There is a condo next to mine that is owned by a private party, I suspect she is quite flexible on the rate if it is not booked. This is in the Village and is a 2 minute walk to the lifts:


You might also try the Fireside Lodge, though it is NOT close the to lifts.

For lift tickets if you're driving from YVR stop at the 7-11 in Squamish for discounted tickets, otherwise purchase a multi-day pass.

BTW: though Whistler does not have it's usual amount of snow, the skiing the pass couple of days has been superb in the bowls.
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When are you planning on going and how long you plan to stay?

They've got some great rates for the month of January and even into Feb.


Alluradirect sometimes has good deals but generally the good weeks are taken months in advance.

Or look here for package deals...


The 7-11 is your best bet for discount tix, unless you get a package deal that includes a multiday pass.
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I'm staying at the Whistler Town Plaza which is a short walk to the slopes and right in the heart of the pedestrian village. I'm paying under 120CAD but I don't remember the exact rate. The place sleeps 4 and have a full kitchen.
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