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Goode poles

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Bought some fancy new Goode carbon poles-adjustable etc..
After about 30 days, the rubber on the hand grips started peeling off, both ice-tips had fallen out, and the bolts to adjust the pole length had rusted solid.
Though, inanely, that Goode would stand behind their product. So, returned them to the store where I bought them, and they returned them to Goode.
Got them back some time later. The response from the Goode people was that they warrant ONLY the shaft!! All other parts of the poles can fall apart as soon as you but the poles, and you have no recourse!
Contrast that with my experience with Rossignol. I have a pair of their poles that are now about 6 years old, one lost a basket and tip. I took them to Rossi, expecting to pay for the replacements, and to fit them myself. The service tech at Rossi too my poles away, returned them a few minutes later with a new basket and tip fitted. She told me that there would ne 'no charge'.

Guess which brand of poles is recommended by this full-time instructor???
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Pardon my ignorance on this, but I can't understand why someone would get adjustable poles; unless one is still growing. I guess some want poles of different lengths for different conditions.
Regardless of anyone's warrentees it would behoove one to undo any threaded fittings and apply anti-seize compound to the threads and reinstall. This can be found at any auto store. it's a light grease with aluminum powder or brass or copper powder in it. it won't allow any rusting or galling. It also has excellent vibration qualities and high heat qualities. It's excellent on exhaust fittings and fasteners, spark plugs, and adjustable ski poles! $7 or $8 a can or less for a tube. A can will last you for bocu years!
Also good for puting on bottom of JYD's ski boots to make him fall down and shut up so he doesn't keep giving people advice!
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Thanks for this post.I had a cheap pair of Goode poles for 3 years they broke a few weeks ago. I am now useing some vary old scott poles I was looking to replace my old fiberglass poles and getting some new carbon fiber poles.Looks like Goode just lost a sale. I'm going to go with the Leki poles.
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I have had good luck with Life-Link's AEC poles/probes. A couple of inches of adjustment, two sizes of baskets, choice of tips and nice light weight.
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COLD day at Mt. Bachelor + deep pow + carbon fiber poles (fortunately purchased on sale for a ridiculously low price) + fall landing on pole = SNAPPED AND USELESS carbon fiber pole and yours truly mired in hip deep powder on the long flat runout back to the lift.

My lesson: stick with poles made of materials that can be bent back... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've never owned Goode poles, but I did own a pair of Kerma Banshee graphit ploes until 4/4/02. Skiing at Alta on the Wildcat lift, I dropped onto Punchbowl (a few small/medium moguls) made a nice left, good solid pole plant into a nice right. The next right pole motion seemed tooooo light. Yep, broke the right pole 10" below the grip. I didn't even know it happened.

I had the poles for about 5 years without any problems or complaints. I think I'll look for another pair of graphite/composites, but I am not tossing my 15 year old alumini's yet.

Oh yeah, the lifty at the bottom of Wildcat was great!!! He already had three or four mis-matched pole sets and gave me one of those, averting the possiblilty I would have to buy something I didn't want.

Also, the bumps at the bottom of Wildcat were a challenge without poles. I have decided to make at least one run every day on a moderate to steep mogul pitch without poles. Seems to be a great balance trainer. I had forgotton how much I rely on poles in the bumps.
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all this carbon fiber pole stuff... i was getting ready to bone up for a pair of nice, new, carbon fiber poles...then i stopped to think about the shortcomings of my old beat up aluminum poles that cost $20 5 years ago, and i came up almost dry. i don't need no stinkin carbon fiber...
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I have the adjustable Goode poles.
They are still in good shape.
I needed longer ones though because my setup has mad lifters up on it now.
I brought the poles into the shop in Killington and the guy there was in disbelief that they were that old and still in one piece.
I have scott composite poles now. I guess they break a lot. not mine!
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I have Goode carbon fibre poles too. Sure aluminium can be bent back into shape (sometimes) but I like the smaller profile of Carbon Fibre poles when I’m skiing fast into a strong wind. The wind resistance of fat aluminium poles makes the pole plants difficult, and indeed I find throws my timing off.
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A few guys over at Powmag.com were telling stories of extremely painful carbon-fiber slivers in their skin after snapping poles made of the material. :

I think I'll stick with 48" aluminum poles, thenkyew.
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I tried the carbon fiber stuff, they broke I'm back to aluminum. Like Bob Y said..you can bend em back.
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hey jyarddog,
I use adjustable poles to make storage and transportation easier, to facilitate skating across large flats, (try lengthening your poles twenty five centimeters and then you will SKATE with your alpine gear) and because a long pole in powder does wonders. BTW, you misspelled "boocoo" (or bucu depending upon the translation)!
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Had a pair of Goode carbon fibre poles and the tips fell out before the season was over. I won't buy their product again.

I currently have Scott World Cup and Life Link poles and have had no problems with either.
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I owned a set of Goode poles for around 5 years. I broke them last year over my buddies leg when I wacked him in the boot. No kidding. It was a good pole, and was due to be replaced. I usually go through a couple of pairs of poles a year, but this pair lasted longer than I expected.

I no longer will buy a pair of Goodes due to lack of stiffness of my first pair. I have a prair of Scott's that are composite and I have had no problems to date. Wait, I did break them on my first outing with them, same friend, same shin. However, Scott did replace them for only $12 for shipping with a better set.

Alum. poles bend, they suck.

On a side note, I grew up in the town where Goode is located, Waterford, Michigan. I even had friends work for Mr. Goode to help him develope new products.
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After bending my favorite Scott Nor-Ams, I switched to Goode carbon adjustables. They have about 100 days on them now with no problems.

Getting the grip off for the first time was a headache and I had to wedge them in a door jamb.

My 11 year old spent the last year with the Goode solid glass pole. Prior to that he had been known to bend poles in ONE day just tapping snow from his boots. These poles were hand-me-downs and now that he has new Leki's they will probably see lot's more service with some other kid. the Goodes were bomb proof but a little bit heavy.
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