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US Olympic Medal Prospects - Page 2

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Women's Moguls

Hannah Kearney for Gold
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sjjohston is right about the olympic runs. USSA have never made anything available about previous olympics' winning runs.
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Originally Posted by JohnH
How do we go about getting an event added to the Oly's? I'd like to see a nodic-dh (or AT?) event where they skin up 1500' vert, pull off the skins and race a GS course on freeheel boards
Actually adding a new sport to the Olympics would be more political and based on trends/money/advertising than anything else. Why aren't there any ice-climbing competitions? Why are there now all these bogus boarding competions?
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According to the IOC...

Q: How does a new sport, discipline or event get added to the Olympic program?
A: First, the respective sport's IF must be recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a federation operated and organized under the principles and regulations of the IOC. Second, for a new sport to be considered for the Olympic program, the IF must present proof that the sport is widely practiced (i.e., national championships, regional competitions such as the Pan Am Games, world championships and other international competitions are held on a regular basis). Starting in the year 2000, for those sports seeking inclusion or currently on the summer Olympic program, sports for men must be played in at least 75 countries on four continents before being considered for inclusion on the Olympic program and, for women, the sport must be contested in at least 40 countries and on three continents. Any new sport must be admitted to the Olympic program at least seven years before the next Olympic Games and, with a few rare exceptions, no changes are permitted after that time. The standards for admission of disciplines or events to the Olympic program are very similar to those for a sport.
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Bode will choke along with Ralves.
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Insightful post, bubba! By the way it is Rahlves.
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