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help selecting a ski

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I am 6'2" 170 lbs
intemediate to advanced skier

I am a recreational skier approaching 40 but can still hold my own on most and do not see my self doing any jumping. Just not interested I will watch my boys.

I want to get the most all around ski set up I can get. I am somewhat willing to adapt my skiing to mountain conditions. I cannot own a large "quiver" and will most likely only have two sets of skis. I currrently own a set of K2 escapes (180 cm)with tryrolia bindings. I am also will to ski last years gear to save me a $ or two.

My next set I will mount with fritschi freerides for some BC use.

One options would be to get a set of inbound skis and mount the tyrolias on them and mount teh fritschis on the K2s.

I have been reading the posts on this site and am amazed at the gear knowledge. Maybe a few of you could toss in some ideas.

I guess I am looking for the "all mountain" ski if such a ski trully exists.
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There are plenty of choices. If you encounter powder, crud, or slush on a regular basis, definitely look into mid-fats. I just demoed Elan M666 (see my review) and thought they were awesome skis.

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