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Conditions at Jasper / Marmont?

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Thinking of hitting Jasper early next week, or wondering if Sunshine or LL would be a better choice. Anyone been there recently?
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i was there tuesday, go to LL or SSV....
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There is another thread about this and i read some details elsewhere. The basic feeling is that Jasper was in bad shape. Marmotmb (poster on here) suggested to me that Marmot would need a foot or so before he'd even consider it..... since there, there has been about a foot..... so hopefully it should be in acceptable shape (or at least not bad).

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45cm in 3 days at SSV

around 30 at the lake
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Another 7 inches in marmot..... I am now definitely heading that way! Cant wait!
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Was at SSV yesterday (Fri.) and it was still snowing when I left , awsome conditions right now . Too bad the dive wasn't open , probably today seeing that I can't go ...................
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I am a die hard Marmot fan, but sadly they just aint got the goods right now.

SSV is an extra 45 minutes away at least and $15 more for the ticket and I hate SSV for skiing (stupid ass hill and a dumb set up) and I went to SSV Jan14 instead of Marmot.

Yes they have got some new snow but this is ontop of not much to speak of. Bring your junk skis if going to marmot or stay on the main runs. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Marmot would be okay for a ski, but SSV and LL are so much better right now.

Panorama is really doing well I wish I postponed my XMAS trip till now.
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The weekend at Marmot

I spent a couple of days at Marmot this weekend (I deluded myself that returning from my January meeting in Edmonton, it actually makes sense to come home by way of Jasper). They had just got 15 cm on Friday, so there was a fair amount of powder around--unfortunately the thin base underneath was rocky, icy, and grassy. As the day went on, I spent more time trying to avoid the rocks, particularly on the Basin Run section just above the mid-mountain lodge where everything funnels together into a ten meter wide trail (did I mention the rocks?). It wasn't terrible--just what I consider to be typical early season conditions (based on three years experience of Jasper in January). Another 30 or 40 cm will help. Not a bad weekend, but I wish I'd had the time to stop at Sunshine when I passed by on Monday.
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gnjantzie: Thanks for the real update, my take was simply based on years of experiance and watching the snow reports daily. I knew it would be like that. Good spots to be had if you know where to find them but not good enough to justify a drive ski drive venture, plus with my new skis the last thing I want to do is use my old ones in the middle of January.

All I could think at SSV was man this snow is great but man does this hill suck for skiing. I wished for my beloved marmot runs. but snow rules and it did. SSV is just so lacking in a continuous fall line to just ski and enjoy. One is always just getting grooved then the run ends and it's dumb ass traverse over here, la la la flat ride over there. WAWA and Divide are the only good longer fall line runs.

SSV is the place to be right now, with LL second but it would be hard not to take in Pano they should be amazing by now with the good snow they have had.
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