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Theta AR jacket, is tip top, minus one tiny pinhole in the chest.
it's blue and XL. Got it for my dad, he was like "uh uh" due to the pinhole.
Meh. It's two tone blue, and needs to find a home.
How is $250 delivered? Previous Buyer came up short.

The Gamma SV is black and medium, no damage, basically A-1 minus cosmetics. I'd say 8 outta 10. $120 delivered?

I'm letting my Feathered Friends sleeping bag go, it's an Ibis, gore-tex, really nice, I need to generate $$$ for reading week, and well, North Face has an outlet
If anyone is interested, send me an email gearup5000 at
Regular length. gore-tex shell. me=Ibis
Bonus: Mine is in TNF's "Steal Me" yellow.

I'm sorta flexible. If cash is short, you can order me skis and send `em to my house Rather sell private vs. ebay commissions.