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TEN...Love to ski no matter how bad the conditions are or how cold, crowded etc.
People I ski with think I'm nuts enjoying minus wind chills, blue ice or anything else that might be considered less than ideal....I think they're nuts complaining about everything and not sharing the passion..
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5 a : ardent affection : LOVE b : a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept c : sexual desire d : an object of desire or deep interest

OK, that says it all, I'm a 10.
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10 when I was younger..I'd ski regardless of the weather (except for rain. one time, I saw a skier sking down the slope holding an umbrella!), heavy snow, fog, low temperature..nothing stopped me. Then, I had over ten years of break. I am back again, and now skicrazed!!
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
I agree, Nigel.
Right on Derek!
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vbmenu_register("postmenu_411491", true); Canuck34 hit the nail on the head. i remember when i was a teenager i didnt care as long as i was skiing. drove 4 hrs in the rain to ski hunter. drove 7 hours for one run in stratton. i'd all day at jack frost then spend all night til they kicked me out at big boulder(apt name). i moved to jackson and anymore it like well it only snow 10 inches thats not enought to call in sick. cold temps and visability dont bother me much though.
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My wife and siblings would certainly say I'm a 10, I think. My father says I "light up" when I talk about skiing.

I started skiing at age 5 in frigid Northern Ontario winters - and I skied every weekend there was snow. And because there was a hill about a mile's walk through a dense and snowy forest and across a beaver pond, I spent many hours skiing after school or after supper. And how many times did I ski there 'unauthorized' under the moon after they'd closed for the night?! Sweet memories...

I ski Whistler now, but really believe it isn't where you ski that's important. Small hills can teach you some things faster than mountains. Big mountains and famous names don't have a monopoly on the spirit of skiing, after all.

Most of my life I skied alone, and that was how I liked it. But now I ski with my sister and sometimes with my wife - so much more fun. A great thing got even greater!

I'll ski in any conditions so long as there is at least a ski's length of snow or ice somewhere on an inclined surface.

Last day, last season: June 5th, 2005
First day, this season: Nov. 6th, 2005
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It's funny how I have been thinking about this lately. We used to ski twice a week no matter what. We would get up at 5 am and drive 180 miles to out place next to Bellayre ski all day Sunday then ski Hunter on Monday. Now we only ski at hunter but not when it's crap. Now that we have seen what the west has to offer it just makes more sense to go out there. Quality over quantity.
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