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Would anyone recommend Mantras for terrain parks?

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Hi guys,

Im getting some mantras before I go on a freestyle camp in Vancouver in a months time (im planning to ge more use out of them in Jackson Hole later on) and want some opinions.

I know the mantras arent really a park ski, but would they perform well in the park? I dont wanna use them on rails, moreso just jumps, tabletops, and possibly a handful of fun boxes. Anyone use them for this? I dont wanna stuff them up on boxes or rails, plus they just dont interest me that much. Are they too heavy for pulling decent airs, etc. THey arent a true twin, but they have a raised tail which is enough. Any experience or opinions would be great.
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Most park skis have a softer tail. I don't think the Mantra would serve that requirement.
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yeah, didnt think of that. If I were to use them purely for jumps and pipe (normal skiing too of course!), I should be ok, would you think?
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god no, get a Karma instead
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Mantras not much good in the park, too stiff.
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Originally Posted by jayjayjay1980
and possibly a handful of fun boxes.
I can't think for a better way to destroy a $600+ ski. Go for it!!
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lol, ill batter my allstars on the fun boxes instead,

I dont really want karmas, because my mantras (ill have them in 2 weeks) will be used for everything else, mainly for off piste, pow, bit of carving, and I wanna try them in the park.

I thought that seeing im gonna have these skis new soon and im also starting the camp soon, i might as well use them there. Im not exactly a freestyle skiier, but im doing the camp to get comfortable with bigger airs n such. In terms of going off a decent sized kicker (which is what will be happening every day on the camp) how are they for initiating rotation, landing, etc.

When you say the tail is too stiff, is that aspect more related for rails and boxes, or does it have an impact on landings n stuff. Can u tell im pretty virgin to the park? :
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Mantras are really not park skis. They dont have much of a twin at all and they're big skis that are fairly heavy. Karmas would be ideal - only park ski I've tried that actually skis well. Or get some cheap used park skis for your camp.

(My plug: I'm still trying to sell some used 185 Pocket Rockets mounted once - used about a dozen days - perfect edges & bases - $199 shipped - PM me if you're interested)
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I see what you mean, and im not exactly any good in the park (well, 2 weeks straight in it should bring me up). For me, when I say park, im really only gonna be hitting airs the whole time and a bit of pipe, and we are doing a fair bit in the backcountry building kickers n such. Im aiming my use of mantras way more for other purposes, but it will be fun to give them a go on airs and pipe. The mantras are pretty much mine at the moment, so I cant really invest in any more skis now, as my trip budget for the camp and jackson hole for 8 nights wont allow. Is the mantra and karma that huge a difference in weight and tail stiffness? Im trying to hunt down some look p12's (not lifters), or PX12 ti's. Boots i have are tecnica diablo magnesiums (those things have some weight to 'em)
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Let me put this a different way:

Big laminate construction fat skis with 2 sheets of Titanial can bend and/or break. Theres a reason park skis are noodles with no metal. Backcountry kickers into pow is going to be fine, but I wouldn't take Mantras into a halfpipe or crash landings from kickers onto ice. I'm sure you know that rails and boxes totally hose your edges.

Go to newschoolers and find a thrashed pair of 1080's for dirt cheap or your camp might even have some cheap demos. They'd probably give you a discount for multi-day.
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They will feel noisy and heavy in the park and as said you can bend/break them if you mess up on hardpack landings. It will be fine taking the odd spin through the park as long as you are landing properly. I wouldn't take those skis on boxes/rails, I've heard the base is a bit delicate, why risk it, as said just buy some cheap used park skis for 150-200 with bindings so you don't care about trashing them.
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