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Please suggest skis to demo

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Dear Bears... I'm pressed for time and hope that you can save me doing my own research ahead of next month's trip. Could you please suggest a few 05/06 skis (with recommended lengths) for the following not-as-fit-as-we-used-to-be skiers to try out?

F, 29, 168cm, 60-something kg
One-time schools racer and (briefly) instructor
Favourite terrain is just off the groomed, steep bits, crud, tree runs
Can no longer handle my: Bandit X 177cm
Felt OK when renting: Head C200(?) at 160-ish

M, 40, 178cm, a pants-busting 80kg
Skis fast on the groomed, very edge-focused, will race if he can; life's goal is the perfect med-radius carve
Is now too lame for his: X-Scream Series 187cm
Quite liked rental Heads at 177 and would be happy to go shorter.

We're not crazy about the look of those big spoon-nosed (130mm) skis but if that's where the action is, I guess we'll play along.

Also, if you're familiar with Winter Park or Copper Mtn: know any good dealers that do demos or high-perf rentals?

Thanks a bazillion, gang.
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Look at my after demo post from January 10th, 2006 06:26 PM, may it'll help you a liitle. For Him -- try something like Atomic SX11 in 170 which is "experts only" (really)
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Meganne, welcome to EpicSki!

So many choices for you! I would suggest that you try some K2 Burnin' Luvs and Dynastar Exclusive Legends. I would suggest that he try the Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel and the K2 Apache Recon. Go short! Probably the 178 for him. For you, I'd suggest 155.
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Thanks for the suggestions vov and Steve - and for the welcome. I was actually a member here a couple of years ago but I think I got culled due to inactivity.

The Apache Recon is an interesting recommendation. A local shop owner told us it was a good candidate but we have trouble getting our heads around the idea that we should go even fatter than our Y2K-era all-mountain midfats.

Kinda feeling a bit about the possibility that I'm now a candidate for chick-specific softie skis. I guess demoing is the only way to find out whether that's true. I'll report back in a few weeks.

Thanks again
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Somebody is selling the Luv skis in the swap forum.

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I'm now reporting back, as promised...

Prompted by Steve's recommendation and further comments from someone (I think hrstrat57?) that seem to have disappeared from this thread, I focused on women's model skis and I'm really glad that I did.

Rossi's B2W was my first demo choice, and it was pretty much a done deal after two runs. It felt like Rossi has designed this ski just for me, exactly aligned with my strengths (good balance and liking for variations in terrain) and allowing for my current weaknesses (underdone in both fitness and attitude).

The B2W is like my beloved 99-00 model Bandit X, scaled down and softened slightly but with that same rock-steady tracking at speed. I found it very responsive to mid-turn pressure inputs from either foot, giving me a great sense of control over speed and turn shape. In the bumps and glades it was agile (at 158cm) and could be skidded and drifted with precision. (This was in Colorado fluff; it may be a different story on our hardshell bumps in Oz.) I put that down to the binding position, which is a little bit forward on the W models... it's very easy to loosen the tails with fractional forward pressure.

I also tried Dynastar's Exclusive 10 XT, which I found to be cruisy and manoeuvrable. Coming off the B2W, the tip and waist felt very skinny. My main issue with the Dyna was that when I pushed it a bit on steeper ground and roughed up snow , it didn't give me great confidence in its ability to bust crud and hold its line. This is vital in Australian conditions - you have to be able to blast through the late afternoon wreckage without taking deflections. The Exclusive 11 (I think same dimensions as the B2W) would probably have been better for me but it wasn't on demo.

Finally I spent a morning on the K2 Burnin Luv, which taught me three things: I don't like bright yellow topsheets, I'm never going to dig that K2 feel, and I really prefer to have about 78mm under my boots.

I could have kept demoing but - in line with a comment I read on this forum, "when you hit oil, stop drilling" - I simply accepted my instinctive response to the B2W. As a longtime Rossi fan I was delighted to find they're making exactly the right ski for the skier I am today, and I even like the pale blue hotrod graphics. So I whipped out the Visacard in exchange for a pair of 158s with Look PX12s. The late season price was especially sweet.

Actually there seems to be a lot of B-model stock left in the shop racks at the moment and anyone contemplating buying an 06 Rossi can expect a screaming deal.

My husband was troubled with altitude sickness and boot issues on this trip and spent most of his time cruising on his old Salomon slalom skis. He had some fun on a pair of Volkl Allstars one day (175 although he wanted to try it at 168, and would probably go ahead and buy the 168) which he found very pivotable when flattened, solid on edge at high speed and as manageable in the bumps as his 3Vs. He also tried the Dynastar Legend 4800 @ 172cm. He liked both equally - the Dynastar a little more for precision carving, the Allstar for heavy duty applications - and will be watching US prices on the net. Whichever falls further before it sells out will probably be ordered in time for our local winter. We ran out of time to try a couple of Nordicas (Hot Rod Eliminator and Speedmachine 14.1) and couldn't find the Head Monster i.M72 on demo.

Of the other skis mentioned above, we noticed the K2 Apache Recon was popular and seems very suitable for Colorado. Not many current model Atomics or Heads to be seen on the slopes and Salomon seems to have haemorrhaged its market share since our last trip.

In summary it was an educational experience. The last time I needed new planks I just went out and bought Rossi's hottest, there was no extra thinking needed. Now I'm a different skier and I need to choose more carefully, but the great thing is that the high end of the market offers a broader range of models that are specialised for a particular application, yet versatile with it. And the chick-spec models are right up there.

Thanks again to those who provided recommendations.
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