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Fat twins ski length

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I posted this on an Australian forum, but wondered what you guys have to say...

I am entering into the world of fat twin tips when I go to Colorado tomorrow.

I have bought 176cm Dynastar Big Troubles (92mm underfoot, 20m radius). I do not plan on doing much jibbing (if at all), but they will float and will be a cruisy ride. They are meant to be quite punchy and a fair bit stiffer under foot than most noodle twinnies. I chose them b/c the wider shovel and shorter radius will make them more turny (read: not quite as useless as most fats) for trees and hopefully not so pathetic in bumps. I have skied on twintips once before (04 1080s) and did not think much of them, hopefully this will be better. I have been skiing 170cm RX8s and 177cm Volkl midfats, I find both the perfect length.

Anyway, after ordering the skis I realised that a 176cm twin tip has even less running edge than a normal alpine ski with 176cm. Even though I don't plan on having them centre mounted, I realised could be skiing them far too short. The next length up is 186cm, though, which seemed more like a GS length that I used to ski. But maybe that's what I should be on...

So, the 176cm or the 186cm? It's not for jibbing, just cruising, trees, deep snow.

I'm 19, 80kgs and 6'1" and a strong skier.

I can't demo, so don't make that sugggestion.

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You should be okay. In reality you could go with a longer ski, but it isn't a crisis. For a first time fat ski, sometimes it is better to go short until you get the feel of the bigger ski. They probably actually are 176cm to where the tail curls up in the back. I have a new pair of Volant Machete FB's (175) and they actually measure out to about a 180 because of the slightly turned up tail. Your skis probably measure about the same length. No sense in second guessing your choice now - get on them and have fun! Fat skis are a blast to ski on. I suspect you won't be disappointed.
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