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Skis too short???

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Hey everyone,
I'm 15 years old, about 6'1" and weigh about 145 lbs. I currently have a pair of '04 B2 Bandits in size 176cm. I have been skiing for 11 years and prefer mostly off-piste, pow, and and other steep stuff. I can't see myself growing a heck of a lot taller, but I may gain a little weight.

Are my skis long enough??

Any comments would be fully appreciated. thanks.
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For now yeah you're fine. When you break the 165 mark you might want to start looking for a longer ski, but that should do you for now. Enjoy short skis while you're still light enough and not strong enough to over power them. A 182 (thats the next step up, right) at this point in your life is WAY too much ski... unless you're hitting FIS races anytime soon... but I don't think that it typically done on B2's.
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thanks for the feedback,
I was hoping someone would say that because I don't really have the money to change skis any time soon.
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