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Rossi Bandit X more stable than Rossi Bandit XX?? Why?

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By no means is this intended to be a gear review. I just want to understand a phenomenon.

As is widely known here, I have been skiing [such as I ski] the Rossi 2002/2003 Bandit XX in 170. As an experiment for the uplifting of mankind (and because I am a gear nympho) I have acquired a pair of the Bandit X, also in 170, which I took out for its maiden run today at Sugarbush. While the day was gloriously sunny and warmer than our recent arctic conditions, the snow was mostly still quite "firm".

The Bandit XX measures 110-74-100. The Bandit X measures 107-70-97. Their construction otherwise is remarkably similar.

When run straight, the XX would wobble. When run straight, the X NEVER wobbles - it induces confidence when skiing very fast, it is rock solid and absolutely steady with no particular effort on my part. Why is that? Why such a pronounced difference?
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Have noticed that xx skiiers usually ski them a bit longer eg, 177 or even a bit longer for you. Donn't know why but have noticed this phenomenon. : : :
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Well, no, I haven't noticed that - one way or the other.

For me, in 177, the XX was not a ski I'd want, while the 170 has been a pleasure. For me, on hard snow, the X has been MORE of a pleasure in the same length. If the 70 mm waist is for all practical purposes enough for loose snow - powder, crud, etc. - then it's definitely a better ski for me. However, it may be awhile before I have any opportunity to check out that important aspect of performance. For now, with such a pronounced difference in straight running tracking, and turning stability at any speed, I'm curious as to why.

If the XX should be skied longer than I'm skiing it, then it is not a versatile ski for me, because the longer sk was no fun in packed snow [weather packed by skis,machines, or weather].

Any more thoughts on this?
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As you know, I currently have the X. Mine are 177. Before I purchased though, I demoed the X & XX in 170 & 177.

I think they will all "wobble" when you try to run them flat, but the 170's were more pronounced. Likewise, I concur that the XX is more prone to this behavior. While they are similar in construction, my "feel" was that the XX is stiffer all around ... I attributed this to just "more meat" in the bigger ski. Anyway, my vote is the XX has a tad more torsional rigidity and the shovels hook up a bit quicker.

Put'em on edge and don't give it another thought
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The wider ski is easier to get off edge than a narrower ski thus allowing it to glide causing the wobbling sensation. Besides width, other factors come into play, also, like edge bevel, base flatness, wax job, etc.
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