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Hello Epicskiers!

What a lovely website! We had not heard of you until we met up with a nice gentleman who called himself Uncle Louis. We rode the chairlift with him while visiting Deer Valley, Utah. Louis described your site and suggested we pop on and take a look--what a delight!

We are a newly retired couple spending time enjoying the snow. It's something we always dreamed of doing and what fun we are having! We are not the best of skiers, and one of your members, Sugar, invited us to join the group of Bears (?) who were skiing together. A lovely gesture but since we're so new we felt more like cubs than true bears!

Thank you to Uncle Louis and Sugar for welcoming us to your site. We hope we can join one of your group sessions some time soon!

Mr. and Mrs. Flailer
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Welcome to Epic. Enjoy the site, ask questions. You'll find a wealth of information about technique and equipment.
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Hello Flailers,
Why if that isn't the nicest hello I've read here...hmm, not to be too forward or familiar, but how do you two feel about babysitting a 4 year old? OK,OK,OK, too soon, I know, too soon... Welcome!
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Welcome, Mr. and Mrs Flailer. Happy skiing.

Mark and Cheryl
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Welcome, Flailers, to EpicSki! Passion for snowsports is the common thread that runs through all Bears, and it seems that you fit right in. Louie is a great guy and an amazing skier, so your introduction was about as good as it gets.

Stick around. There are a bunch of us coming out to Snowbird at the end of the month for the annual EpicSki Academy. You should think about joining us!
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Hey Mr. & Mrs. F! Glad you looked this up! It was awfully fun meeting you in Utah! Not sure you remember but I'm in CO so if your travels take you to Summit County, drop me a note and we can get together again! Hope you have fun on and off the snow!
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Skied with Uncle Louie today and mentioned this thread, so I'm sure he'll drop in. But, I need to tell you he laughed his head off when I told him the handle you picked!
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Mom, Dad? If that you? Have my room ready, I will be home soon.
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WHO let em' in?

When I saw "The Flailers" and ....... "greetings" ...

Troll Alert! Troll Alert! ..... TGR is at it again!

Well they seem pretty legit ... so


Relax, the paranoia will come with time.
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UL vouched for them. He did meet them, and knows why they selected their handle.
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Too funny folks....I did indeed ride the lift and take a run with "The Flailers." I was on the lift with Sugar Cube and as we were riding the lift at Deer Valley this nice couple was watching a few skiers ski with some pretty wild arm action and they commented at how well they were skiiing. Of course I said they were "flailing" a bit, and they thought that was a fancy ski term.

I told them it wasn't (exactly) a compliment and the mrs. looked at the mr. and said "Honey, I think we do that, we must be flailers." I can only guess that they decided to use it as there handle here.

Well Mr. and Mrs. Flailer ---WELCOME to Epic....and as others have said be sure to jump in as soon as you feel comfortable with questions and do all your research here. Maybe we can even get you to join some of us for an on the hill meeting someday. I would be most happy to introduce you both !
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