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I’m 17 years old, 140lbs, and about 6 feet tall. I do GS racing and currently ski on a Atomic GS:9 176cm. I have the chance to get a GS:11 Race Stock 190cm. I wanted something a bit longer then my current ski for additional stability, increase in speed, and the fact that I think I would do better on some more blade. The only issue I have is the fact that I am unable to demo a pair of 190’s for some time, and by then the deal will be void. I was wondering your opinion on whether or not a pair of 190’s would be too much for a person of my size and weight. I’m not the best skier in the world, but I am good enough were a real race ski and speed suit make a big difference. I am rather muscular in my legs, I bike 28 miles a day (road cycling) in the summer as training for racing. Any comments would be appreciated.
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I really don't think you can ski on a race stock 190cm Atomic. I weigh 160, and I'm a fairly decent skier, and I would never attempt such a feat... That is a lot of ski - designed for someone who is at or well over the 200lb mark. My team mate is on the 191's and he weighs 230... and he has trouble bending them (he races FIS as well and has spent a lot of time training in Europe). I think they would be overkill for someone your size and weight. If we were talking about a Rossi, it would be another story, but the fact that we are discussing one of the stiffest (if not the stiffest) race skis known to man that requires the skills of a FIS/WC athlete to pilot... I don't think that from a learning standpoint it is a wise decision for someone of your size and ability (not saying you are a bad skier - you're just not racing FIS) to attempt.
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176 to 190 is a big jump, How much have you grown and improved since you got the 176's. A person can never judge without seeing someone in action. But a length somewhere in-between 176 anf 190 may help not hurt you times.
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The 176's are about 3 years old and I have gained around 20 lbs since buying them. They are note raced as real 176's though, if anyone is familiar with the Atomic bindings, they are moved all the way back, both on plate and with the settings on the binding. Captain of my team is on 190 Volkl Racetigers, he is 6 feet and 160 lbs. I have raced on 185’s for SG before, but that was a while back, nothing recent.
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ooph, yeah, I have to agree with the other guys... One other point - the 190 will have a smaller sidecut (24+m, I'm not exactly sure for atomic) than the smaller 180ish and 185ish sizes which will be very close to 21m. The 190 begs to be raced on fast, steep courses, as well as pointed straight at gates for a ways as opposed to a really pure carve as the smaller sizes are meant to do. To echo Heluvaskier, I weigh 180#s and I there's no way I'd race on that ski...
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Unless I'm mistaken, all GS Race Stock are FIS legal, with a sidecut of 21. That’s basically what I'm looking at and why I can think I could handle these. The current skis I have are a 21 sidecut and are only 14cm shorter. I mean, you can slide the bindings at least 5cm to change various setting. If the length matters that little that I can tell no difference between the settings, and the sidecut is the same, its just a matter of a little stiffness, which is the same on any of the GS Race Stock's.
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>>Unless I'm mistaken, all GS Race Stock are FIS legal, with a sidecut of 21.<<

You may just be mistaken

all race stock skis will be FIS legal, which means the minimum sidecut radius is 21m. Generally the big sizes will have substantially larger than 21m sidecuts. As long as the sidecut is >21m, the ski will be legal. Watch a WC GS race - the course setting is somewhat looser than most other courses, but more importantly, the courses are so steep and racers going so fast that they sometimes (often) slide into turns, engaging their skis when they're already in the fall-line; in hte racing you do, you almost certainly want smooth arcs from turn to turn, so you need a ski right at the 21m limit - the WC guys (or high level FIS racers) don't want that much sidecut, which is why the big skis have larger radii.
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I stand corrected. I passed on the 190's and I'm now looking at a 183. I was told by an owner of a ski shop that unless I'm going to be doing FIS racing that I should get the production model instead of the stock. Any comments on that?
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This is the part where YOU have to be honest in your evaluation of your ability.

What does your coach think?

My son is 15 and 147 pounds and is on 182 race stock Fischers for GS so it's not out of the question.

He can generate the edge and force to bend them but can you?

I am not an Atomic guy, but my understanding is that there are varied flex among the "race stock" line of some of the manufacturers.
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As I said before, I road cycle around 25-28 miles a day during the summer. I may be skinny but most of my muscle are in my legs. I know that Atomic does have somewhat different flex's on their race stocks and I'm going to have to find one that has a flex I'm comfortable with. I can turn the production GS11 perfectly fine, so I don't see why there should be a problem with the stock; however I have never raced on them and have no way of knowing until I do.
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If you're just using the ski for racing, and the courses are big/fast enough that <21m radius isn't better (a Nastar course, for instance, will be faster with a race carver under 21m than a real race stock ski, in most cases anyway), you should certainly switch to the race stock ski. Race stock skis feel much smoother and more powerful than shelf skis, and if you're just racing on them, almost certainly worth it, if for no other reason the fact that they're going to be higher quality than shelf skis, as well as the fact that the skis will be flex-matched (you won't buy 1 soft and 1 stiff ski).
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Does anyone know the lengths that the GS11 production model comes in this year? I purchased a pair of 183 race stock's from a shop up in Maine over the phone. They guy stated that there were only one kind of GS11's, that they didn't make all these different race stock and production models. He read me the stiffness off the sticker of the riser, which I thought only came on the stock. I called up Atomic and they said only the race stock comes in the 183. However, when I went on the Atomic website, they said the production does come in 183. The fact that the guy told me that GS11's only came in one version and the fact that they aren't registered as a FIS dealer on Atomic's website (they are only a regular dealer) makes me a little worried.
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