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Review: Samsung video camera SCX 105L

Received as a Christmas present. I played with it for a few shots on Christmas as solely a helmet cam. After two more days of use this past weekend, I am getting better with functions. The comes with straps to attach it to you head or leg or even the helmet. If you are using goggles these straps are useless, I did use my goggle strap though and that was fine for attaching it to the helmet. Only fault so far is that where the lens is with my Giro fuse, it films about 15 deg to the left so the slopes look like they are “double fall line” I tried a shim between the camera and the helmet, it is better but not perfect. It also could be that I am off kilter the same 15 deg. I still need to work on the exact angle.

Use (with remote Lens): It would be nice to be able to start and stop the with just the remote, but that is not the case. When the camera shuts its self off (or you shut it off) the camera goes back to its standard functions, which means you have to open up the face and reset it for the remote lens. It would be nice for the camera to realize, if the remote lens is plugged in, that it would be the default lens. No zoom feature with remote lens with the remote lens either. The action is recorded better from the regular camera than the remote.

Use (just as a regular video camera): Small compact and easy to use. The zoom (10X digital) is a bit sensitive to get used to, but I think it is just a matter of time.

Battery: The remote lens requires 2 AAA batteries and they hold a charge quite well considering that they are out in the cold. The Lithium battery in the camera body does not hold a charge nearly as well. It says that if should last 50 minutes but I only got about 20 with turning the camera on and off a few times. An extended life battery is available and suggested. I purchased the extended life and I will now run out of memory before charge. SIDE NOTE: I found a way to extend battery life in cold weather…Hand warmers or toe warmers! Keep them in the pocket that you have your battery item and you will add much tine to whatever item you are using. Tow warmers are suggested because they have adhesive and will stick to the unit.

Sound: Useless, all wind noise. Make sure your editing software had a dubbing feature.

Memory: The camera comes with 512K of internal memory; I am using a 1G-memory stick and use the 512 as back up. If you get the 110L, it has 1G of internal memory

Size: The camera body is quite small (about the size of an Ipod).

Uploading: Copy or Move on your desktop vs. trying to upload from the memory stick. We are talking (for a 60 sec video) 5 seconds vs. 10 minutes. I will be using Apple Idvd as my editing software (as soon as I figure it out)

Overall: Fun, cool, geeky. A Fun toy/gizmo for those (of us) who are gadget freaks.