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A Fitting Boot Experience.....

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Hopefully others will have as good an experience. A few weeks ago I went up to Tahoe to get a new pair of boots. This time it was an easy and pleasurable experience, rather than last time dealing with big stores with questionable expertise (maybe just enough to be dangerous). I went to Cosmo's Custom Footworks in Tahoe City (on the EpicSki list of Bootfitting Masters), added by somone else, I should add. I had been to Cosmo previously for a foot bed two years ago, and some minor boot adjustments and my wife bought boots there last season.

After checking the footbed to confirm that it was still good, he looked at my feet and identified a fairly wide foot in the middle, yet due to flat feet, not a high volume foot. This narrowed the choices from his selection of Atomic, Dalbello, Dolomite, Head, and Raichle (and maybe others). He said I had a good Dolomite foot, but maybe an Atomic would work. He brought out a Dolomite and an Atomic. With no liner, I put on the boot and we "Look Inside" to see the fit. It was obvious that the Dolomite shell matched my foot shape much better. I put on the both the Atomic and Dolomite boots with the liner and wear them for awhile. It didn't take long, the Dolomite was a clear winner here. Also the Dolomite had more adjustability in flex and internal fit.

He set up the cuff of the boot while the heat-fit liners were being warmed. Then he checked alignment. I was outside of center on the left, he made his adjustments, brought it just inside by 1/2 to 1 degree. I may need more but it is easier to do after skiing on them. Also, I had slight pressure on the left, and as he predicted it was improved after moving my knee alignment to the inside.

He said he could take a little more material out of the boot shell or liner, but I decided to wait until I get a few days skiing on them. I ended up with the Dolomite Sintesi 8.5, after fighting the macho urge to get the stiffer race model, the 9.5. (Although the 8.5 does allow for some flex adjustment).

Of course, the process of optimizing the fit is ongoing. I can't wait to ski on them! The only downside is they are black instead of orange ( so my wife will actually like the color), and about 8 mm smaller on the shells. Bindings will need some readjustments. This whole process was so much better than previous bootfitting experiences, I just had to share. My advice, go to a good bootfitter for the peace of mind. BTW, my friend and his wife went to see him last year. He put the guy in a new pair of boots, but since he didn't have the right boot in the right size for her, he didn't try to push something else on her. I respect that.

May you have a fitting experience...
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Cosmo fitted my boots too ! although I am still trying to get them right...patience and persistance and we'll get there in the end. :

glad to hear you had a wonderful experience.

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