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Mont Sutton in February

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Heading up to Mont Sutton in mid-February. Haven't been to Canada before, needless to say I don't speak French aside from Bonjour and the days of the week and such. Will that be a problem? I'm hoping since it's a resort that the employees will be more likely to speak English.

Also, any recs on good restaurants or things to do there? We'll be up for a week, plan on breaking it up with a trip to Jay in Vermont and possibly some of the other mountains in the area.

Looking to maybe take a rest day (haven't ever skiied more than 2 days straight in my life...this'll be my first real ski vacay!) and do some snowmobiling, so if anyone has any recs for a guided outfit that runs from that area that would be much appreciated.

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They are Bi-Lingual . You won't have any problems with language

Enjoy !!!
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No problem on the language, that area has a fair number of English speakers unlike the areas further from the border and closer to the St. Lawrence.

It is not really a 'resort' more a ski hill with a town.

Where are you staying? From among the auberges, The Schweitzer, Les Appalaches and La Paimpolaise have food you'll not want to miss by eating out. There is a charcuterie in town and you will wish to explore the Quebec cheese. Night life, well, there is the Cheezy Camel (Chez Camile) just at the T in town, and some socializing at the Horizon,esp. on Thursday pork roast nights.

Snowmobiling is a bit more prevalent on the other side of the ridge, between Dunham and Lacolle, and there is an extensive trail network. Dunham also has a 'route de vins' i.e. clusters of vineyards around Rte. 202. Local specialties I'd not miss are mistelle and vin de marquise. There is some quite delightful maple syrup, that makes for a great snowcone desert.

Rest day? Hmm. The ski week lesson package is such a superb $deal that I usually take beginners up there every year, but it is 4 solid days of skiing and a video day Friday.

There is a local XC ski establishment behind the Horizon, and you can get snowshoes as well, but if you want truly picturesque terrain for XC, pop out to the parc national du Mont Orford.
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dont worry with the language thing....we are not as bad as people make us out to be.....the trails in the woods are called "sous bois", they are a blast, other hills in the surrounding area are owl's head and orford to the west, bromont to the east....for restaurants the area is full of small boutique type of dining, that are quaint........as for jay, personally it is the best mountain in the area, even speaking as a season pass holder at bromont....inside tip if you go to jay sign up for the 242 newsletter on their internet site, major deals and discounts, i have yet to pay full price there this year, and i have gone 4 times.....road signs are simple enough to understand...radar detectors are illegal in quebec if you are driving up from the states....
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Great choice!

Ahh, fond memories...

I live in BC now, grew up in Montreal, and Sutton is the only Eastern Townships hill I'd consider returning to for a week. Jay is said to be great...only went there once myself. The snow preservation at Sutton is SO much better than Owl's Head, Orford, or Bromont, and the terrain so much more interesting, that there is no need to try the others. As another poster mentioned, cross country at Orford is absolutely gorgeous.

Be certain to spend lunchtimes at the restaurant on top of lift 4...funkiest little place with an open fireplace in the centre of the main floor.

And ski from there to lift 5 midweek when they sometimes (used to) have lift 5 closed...beautiful feel to the rolling, challenging terrain under 5, with the chairs silently hanging overhead, before you scoot through gladed shallow-grade slopes back to the base of 4.

The mountain is nicely laid out on a ridgeline, skier's left (trailmap right) easiest to trailmap left (skier's right) hardest.

Don't take a day off!

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sutton video

forgot to add this link...www.skipressworld.com/us/tv goto resorts, then quebec and there is a 6 min video on sutton
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You should really try the skiing at Sutton, Owl's Head and Orford. They each offer very unique ski experiences and are unlike US ski areas. Quebec has wonderful food and even unlikely places like a ski area base lodge restaurant will serve wonderful dishes. The auberges mentioned above at Sutton have great food, as do some of the small restaurants near Owl's Head and in Magog near Orford.

An apres ski snack of beer and duck wings at the Auberge D'Applaches would taste good now.
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Thanks guys!

Re: the day of rest thing, we're only considering it right now as this will be my first longer trip and I know when I go on climbing trips for more than a few days I do better, technique-wise, by letting my muscles recover for a day. I suppose we'll play it by ear, but The Boy mentioned wanting to check out the snowmobiling thing so we'll see.

We'll be driving up from PA so stopping to ski Gore in NY on the way up (free lift ticket curtesy of Warren Miller), then continuing up to Sutton where we're essentially establishing 'base camp'. Planned on skiing there for a few days, and then if we got bored (doubtful, as I have never skiied trees and hopefully will get my first introduction to it there!) we can head back down to Jay or to one of the other hills in the area, although as you mentioned, people seem to think less of them than Sutton.

I'm totally a foodie so I'm really looking forward to cuisine (although we'll be cooking alot in our condo to save $$) but I was doing some online research and it seems most of the vinyards/cideries in the area are reservation only in the winter months.

Well, we'll just have to play it by ear. Thanks again for the tips!

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I'm personally not a huge fan of Owl's...when its good it can be great. But when its icy (most of hte time) its awful.

Sutton is awesome, espeically on a snow day.

Jay is definitely the best skiing I ever did in the east. Keep your eye on their snow report, and if they get some, head down there.

Orford is also a great hill when it snows, but I thought it closed last year?

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My family used to take trips up to Sutton every year (until 6 or 7 years ago when we got older). We would stay at La Paimpolaise, the hotel/restaurant to the right of the main base lodge (shares a parking lot with the mountain-or at least it used to). The food was terrific there, better than terrific maybe, and theres a fun bar downstairs. Sutton's skiing is great too, easy for beginners (stay skiers left) and has some great glades (skiers right). That restaurant on the top of Lift 4 is great too- so relaxing. Have fun on your trip
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Originally Posted by Kimmyt
We'll be driving up from PA so stopping to ski Gore in NY on the way up (free lift ticket curtesy of Warren Miller), then continuing up to Sutton where we're essentially establishing 'base camp'.
If you're planning on driving I87/15 to 202 (Lacolle-Dunham-Cowansville) to 139, especially at night, especially in warmish years when Champlain isn't quite frozen, be aware that the stretch of 202 that rounds Baie Missisquoi through Venise-en-Qu├ębec can be nasty treacherous black ice. There is one off-camber curve where normal slow-and-careful driving just doesn't work and the car can slide into a ditch even doing everything right (I've seen it happen to snowplows).

If you choose to make this trip at night in icing conditions, i.e. not already brutally cold for days on end, consider diverting north (225 to 133 through Henryville and St Sebastien), to pick up 202 before Bedford.

And watch out for fauna of the ungulate persuasion.
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