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I have a pair of 183 K2 Merlin IV with Salomon S510 demo bindings, not in the best shape at all, some decent scratches and some P-tex. Will sell for $50 with shipping included.

Also have a pair of 188 Dynastar 4X4 BIGS (the ones with the flames), in much better shape. No core shots and a few minor scratches on base. There are several top coat scratches as well. They are currently mounted with an old pair of Salomon DH race bindings (din 14 - 20). I will sell with out the bindings on these. Will sell for $125 with shipping or $100 for just the skis with shipping.

Finally, I have a pair of race stock 180 Atomic Beta Race skis. They are the old yellow SL skis Beta 9.34. They have the race charger plate on them. They are in really good shape with only some minor top sheet scratches. Very fast. ALso, I have a pair or Atomic race bindings that fit the race plate on the skis. But something is screwy with them, so I'll throw them in for free. $150 with shipping included.