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Picabo speaks out on Bode - Page 2

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heh. which school was that?
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I just want to watch Bode ski ok. That's all. Let the boy ski. I don't care about his personal hygiene habits are any other personal stuff.

Everyone acts like this drinking thing is something new and unique to Bode. Before 1976 Spider Sabich was one hell of a skier and drinker. The entire US ski team would take turns keeping Spider out late at night buying him drinks. It never worked, Spider usually was the first up doing practice runs. I wached Spider and Billy Kidd go head to head in an awesome race. Spider won that one. Then Spider hooked up with Claudine Longet and the rest is history.
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Picabo & Bode should keep the yapper shut and pull their 212 downhills out of their mouths!

End of story!
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...we interrupt this thread to bring you a special moderator announcement...

I don't even know where to start in this thread. Geez... I take a day to go skiing, and a Bode thread once again morphs into netrock throwing and politics.

Here's the deal: personal attacks aren't ok. If you have any name calling/attacks in your posts up there ^^^, edit it or delete it. Or, I'll be forced to do it, again, and I don't have the time to be gentle about it with this many posts.

Second, non-skiing topics aren't OK anywhere on EpicSki other than the Lounge, which is only accessible to Supporters. If you're not a Supporter, you cannot participate in non-skiing topics on EpicSki. Sorry. If you are, please take it to the Lounge. If you have a non-skiing post up there ^^^^^, please edit it or, once again, I will have to do it.

Sorry, folks, but them's the rules and I intend to enforce them.


Update: Done. I just deleted a number of off-topic and pointed attacks because it was just too much work to edit anything. Please try to leave your weapons holstered.

...and now back to your regularly scheduled thread...
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We need to get ssh a light bar and a siren.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
We need to get ssh a light bar and a siren.
don't forget a badge and a tazer!
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Originally Posted by ryan
i think he's just sick and tired of all the "what? no indoor plumbing?" questions.

by the way, and i am sorry if this has been answered in the other bode threads - i can't keep up with 'em - but does anyone know how bode's brother is? he had a nasty motorcycle accident awhile back.
No indoor plumbing? I always thought the question was "Does a bear s#*! in the woods?" Guess I had that wrong.
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Bode "bares" it and s_its wherever he want's to.
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo
"Does a bear s#*! in the woods?"
Polar Bears don't
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Originally Posted by Atomicman
don't forget a badge and a tazer!
More like this...
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but we have Ronnie Ray-Gun's SDI. so sorry!:
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heh. I'll try to follow the rules.
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Originally Posted by uncle crud
heh. which school was that?
Turning boys into "Southern Gentlemen" since 1886:

Judging by the photos on the site, they've relaxed their dress code a bit since I was there. I hope they have also relaxed their desire to mold the minds of the young into their "ideal".
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Picabo discussing Sochi downhill...




Added bonus for those tuning in...


She is sure easy on the eyes.  ;)

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Jc, way to resurrect an 8 year old thread smile.gif

Actually some pretty insightful analysis from Picabo. In contrast, I saw a clip where they connected Lyndsey Vonn by satellite and asked for her perspective of Julia's and Maria's finishes in the women's DH, and Lyndsey said something like: "well I'm in Florida and didn't see the race. They're great competitors."
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Originally Posted by DesiredUsername View Post

Jc, way to resurrect an 8 year old thread smile.gif


Well, the thread title seemed to map, so why start another? Plus it gave me an excuse to post that pic.  ;)


If any women are looking in and thinking I'm being something of a whatever I point them here. So there.

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Nice thread resurrection. Amazing how it meshes in with today.

Not sure how I feel about Picabo's hair....

I like the quote form the coach on Mathias Mayer. "Normally he does something stupid" lol...


I take it y'all have seen Bode's eye surgery comment?

Amazing that didn't get top priority say last year when rehabbing.


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