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parking at Vail, Brek

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For Breckenridge I found you can park down in town at the Miners or
Tailings lot (free) and take a free city bus to the lifts.

Does anyone know of a way to avoid the $15 parking charge at Vail
Any no-pay lots in E Vail, W Vail, Sandstone, or at the Golf Course(Nordic Center) along the free bus route?

Ideas appreciated.
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I don't understand what the big deal with parking at Breck is. Get there before 10:00 and you can park in the free lot, walk 200 feet to the shuttle, and have it take you right to the base of 8 or 9. Granted the bus might be crowded, but who cares?
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I sent you a PM.
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Try this link for parking at vail:

Park in the free lot at Breck and take the "4 O'clock" trail at the end of the day to with a couple of blocks of the parking lot.
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