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Salomon Scream Ltd

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Anyone out there skiing the Salomon Scream Limited? It didn't sell well compared to the Pilot-equipped Scream Hot and Extra Hot. I have seen some good sale prices on the Ltd, so I'm thinking of adding a pair to my ski collection. The few reviews I have found on-line are positive, however Peter Keelty's site was ho-hum on the Limited, and I respect his opinion. Keelty's opinions are usually right in line with my own impressions of a particular ski. I have seen the LTD described as basically a 1080 without the turned-up tail (same dimensions). Being a long-time Salomon fan, I would like to know how the Ltd. compares to say the old X-Scream Series, the Pocket Rocket, the Scream 10 Pilot (first model year) or the Scream Hot (one chili pepper). I am an adventurous upper-intermediate skier (like to explore off-trail) but not all that strong or aggressive, so I'm looking for a forgiving ski with good float for powder/crud/slush and enough shape to carve at medium speeds on the groomed. Thanks!
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The Scream Limited has been described as the reincarnation of the Supermountain.
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Yes, I have heard the Limited decribed as the reincarnation of Salomon's Supermountain, however having no experience with the Supermountain, I am still in the dark as to the characteristics of the Ltd. It's interesting that the initial enthusiasm over the so-called "Return of the Supermountain" did not manage to translate into healthy sales of the Limited. I imagine that when it came time to reach for the checkbook, very few skiers were willing to fork over their cash when there were newer, better designed skis available that could do everything the Supermountain used to do, only better.
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I just retired my Supermountains......I needed the bindings on them. They are a basic no-frills mainly off-piste ski. They were fine in powder and really shined in crud mainly because they were forgiving. I enjoyed them on groomers except when they were icy.
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I just bought a pair of Scream Limited on EBay this morning. They are for a friend; got them for just over $200. I demoed this ski and like it a lot. Very easy to initiate a turn, very nice powder ski, holds a resonable edge, and is forgiving (won't throw you in the backseat). Limits are: not for going 50 mph (without chatter), not a gate ski. But overall a very good all-mountain ski. There a some on EBay all the time and they go between $200-$250 in my experience.
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Good to hear from someone who has actually been out on the Scream LTD! Sounds like the Limited should be a good match with the kind of skiing I like to do. What length did you demo? The LTD comes in 160, 170 and 180 cm. I'm 6 ft, 170 lb, so I think I would go with the 170. I have had other skis in 180 cm before and find that length too much for easy handling, especially on the small hills where I do most of my skiing. Right now I'm using a Dynastar Troublemaker twin-tip in 175, so the snow contact area of both skis should be about the same. The TM is 78 cm in the waist, the LTD is 80.
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I skied the 180. Conditions were 8-10 of fresh over mixed snow, but overall soft conditions. So, I did not ski it on hardpack. I have skied Salomon's for 15 years and this ski feels like those skis. Forgiving, easy to turn/steer, just plain fun. It is not a Volkl or a Head, so my guess is that it will not have the edge bite on hard pack that those skis have. Another advantage of this ski is that it is light. Easy to get around in chutes and trees.

Length issue: I just bought the 170 for my friend who is 5'8" but about 190 with very strong legs. He could possibly overpower this ski, if he got back to where he was 20 years ago, but he won't. I am 6'0" and 180 lbs and this ski holds me up just fine (Level 8-9 skier). I think the perfect length for me would be 175, but that's a guess becuase I did not ski the 170. This ski is so light and so easy to turn, that the 180 was fine for me. I would think that the decision could be made on what you ski most of the the time. Cruising a back bowl in powder or crud, you want the 180. Making turn under the lift, the 170 is better. Either will work, as I don't think the 180 will spank you and perhaps the 170 will be more fun.

This is a foam core ski, while I believe the Super Hot, which it is based on has a wood core. I know it is compared to the Supermountain, but I am sure I read that it is the same dimensions as the Scream Hot or Super Hot. It does have a sheet of metal to stiffen it up.

All I know is that when I jumped on the ski, after 1/2 run I had a big smile on my face. Part of that was the familiarity I have with the Salomon "feel" and part was how easy it was to rock and roll in crud and powder and bumps that was on the sides of the trail (which is where I ski in groomer areas).

Hope this helps.
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Please explain more what you mean by the Salomon "feel". I bought last year's Head, and I'm saving up to buy Salomons sometime in the future.
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The LTD has been compared to the Xtra Hot but I think it compares more closely to the '05 1080. The LTD and 1080 have the same numbers width-wise, no binding, and a foam core. I flexed the LTD in the store. The forebody has a bit of beef, but I was surprised at how soft the tail is. This should make it forgiving but forget about "pop" when carving turns on the groomers. Actually, with that fat 80mm waist and softee-toffee tail, I would expect it be rather ho-hum on the groomers. But then I never have been a dedicated "carvaholic". I ski mostly in the trees or at the edges of the groomed runs hunting for softer snow or small bumps where I can get a wee bit of air. I also expect the wide, soft LTD will be good in the slush (we get more than our fair share of slush on the coastal mountains where I do most of skiing - Grouse and Cypress Mtns, Vancouver, BC).
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For their all mountain skis, here are the characteristics I think they usually have:
Easy to start a turn (you don't have to pressure the tip much or roll your ankles over much) to get it carving.
Big sweet spot --- this is my favorite thing about most of their skis. I can jump on just about anything they make and I feel centered and balanced. I don't have to worry about being thrown into the back seat if I get a bit lazy with my legs/ass position.
Medium turn specialist - -the Scream skis and the predecessor Super Force were good at speed and pretty good slalom skis too. They are not demanding of a tight Sl turn nor do they favor the GS turn.

I have skied the Super Force 9; X-Mountain; X-Scream; Pocket Rocket, and the Limited.
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How would you say the Limited compares to the Pocket Rocket? My favourite characteristic of the Pocket Rocket is the forgiveness. Most Salomon skis are just so easy to ski, they seem eager to adjust to you rather than demand you serve them. This friendliness helps struggling intermediates (like me) feel good about themselves. I found the PR to have great float in powder and crud while being light and quick handling, and fairly easy to throw around in the tight spots for such a wide board. Even not too bad on the groomers (provided no ice!) Would you say the same applies to the Limited?
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