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Volkl 6* compared to the new Bode Ski

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I'm looking at both the Volkl 6* and the Bode ski. Has anyone skied both, that can give me their opinion on how the two skis compare to one another.

I am 5;8, 180 lbs, I have been skiing for 17 years, and ski mostly off piste expert terrain. However it is in the east where ice is often a factor so I want a very versitile ski.
thanks porter
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The 6* is not great for off piste and powder, otherwise it is a fantastic ski. It's great for NE hard pack conditions! I have the 6*(03-04) and a pair of Bandit x's(02-03)and the Bandits would be my choice for soft snow and powder like conditions, but otherwise I am "married" to the 6*'s.
Last Saturday Night I thought I would take the Bandits for a whirl at Bousquet in Western MA. I took about 4 runs and then changed for my 6*'s, they are better for hard pack conditions.
I can not tell you about the new Bode's but I thought my input on the 6*'s might be helpful. If you have another pair you can use for your off piste and powder like conditions I would seriously consider getting the 6*'s. I'd go with a short 6* though, I am 5'9" (weight not disclosed, but large frame) and I ski on the 161cm. To me they ski longer than they are.

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I have skied both on Colorado packed conditions (some hard white snow and a little ice). I skied many of the cross type skis available this year at demos over several weekends. I wanted a third pair of skis for hard pack days when I don't want to ski many moguls on the Mary Jane side (where I ski most often) of Winter Park. I also have K2 Axis XPs for powder and K2 Axis Xs for all-mountain/moguls. I ski 30 to 55 days a year am 5'11'' and 164lbs and have skied for 27yrs. I ski Mary Jane, Copper, Loveland, A-Basin, Steamboat, and Telluride most years and like trees, moguls, and steeps, as well as cruisers. I biased my choices for a hard pack ski toward medium radius turns and edge hold then short turns and lastly long turns (all but the slaloms were ok at long turns). I have listed them below in order of my preference:

Head iXRC 172cm (I bought a pair)

Also very good:
Rossignol Bode One 174cm
K2 Axis XT 174cm
Atomic SX 11 170cm

Still good:
Dynastar Cross 10 (name?) 180cm
Atomic SL 11 (slalom race ski, suprisingly quite versatile) 164cm
Salomon Crossmax 10 175cm

Didn't like:
Volkl 6 Star 168cm, 175cm
Volkl 5 Star 168cm, 175cm
Volkl 4 Star 168cm
Head iSL 160cm (maybe skied too short, felt skittish)

All mountain skis I also tried and liked for bumps, trees and cruisers wereRossignol B1 174cm, Head IM75 170cm (biased toward curisers), Rossignol B2)

The Head skis had all the characteristics I valued. Great edge hold, quick turning, good at all speeds, smooth and predictable, fairly forgiving if you stayed centered and on an edge. Most of the skis above resisted skidding like you would use in moguls but this is not what I wanted them for (the K2 Axis XT skidded ok and might be good in moguls). I liked the Bode One, K2 Axis XT, and Atomic SX11 next best. The Bode One was also pretty good on a moderate black bump run and in some crud I found on the side. It was versatile like the Head and K2. I did this same run on a pair of Rossignol B1s and the B1s were a better bump ski but had no where near the edge hold, carving or crud busting capability of the Bodes. I did not like the Volkls at all. I originally hoped to buy the 5 or 6 Star and even demoed the 5 Star twice. They both had great edge hold but felt nervous. The skis in the first two groups in my list above felt more stable. The 6 Star lacked versatility and only seemed to want to do one size turn. I found the 5 Star kind of annoying. The 4 Star was just not exciting at all. Maybe the Volkl rep had bad tunes on these skis. I did try his 724 Pros the same day and they felt ok but they too lacked versatility and seemed to prefer long turns (not a good off piste tree ski, better bowl ski). I had liked Volkl skis in the past (I had a pair of V31s for a couple of years as my hard pack ski). It is important to demo skis. If I had bought the Volkl 5 or 6 star based on the raves a lot of folks have for them I would be disappointed. Personal style and the "feel" you like in a ski are important parameters that can't be asceratined from a written review.
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Don't know about the Bode - who makes it.

The 724 Pro by Volkl is a high end mid fat. Great for woods crud powder. It can vary turns and holds great on ice.

The 6 star is best on groomed trails. It is a great ski.

The 724 is like an East Coast powder ski.

It's an animal and I love em!
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Bode One is by Rossignol. I have to agree agree about the 6* for staying in hard packed. If you are skiing East Coast off piste and like Volkl's did you look at the G3? Or the Verigo Motion?
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I've heard from several sources that the Bode is Rossignol's RPM 17 (a skiercross type ski) with a new topsheet. Anyone else heard about this?
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Originally posted by Takecontrol618:
I've heard from several sources that the Bode is Rossignol's RPM 17 (a skiercross type ski) with a new topsheet. Anyone else heard about this?
And isn't the RPM 17 just a Bandit X with a plate?
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I've never skied either the 6 star or the Bode, but I can tell you that the Bode ski has the exact same specs as both the RPM 100 and the 9X Oversize in Rossignol's lineup. If you look at them side by side there's no discernable difference aside from the graphics. There's some debate as to any difference between these 3 skis, but Rossignol told me in an email that the 9X is stiffer than the RPM which is stiffer than the Bode.

I have a 9X Oversize in a 174cm and I am actually quite pleased with the versatility of this ski. It's at it's best carving very fast long turns on packed/icey conditions. The edge grip is the best I've experienced. They'll plow through just about anything, too. At the same time, I felt confident in tighter situations and even bumps - although I am admittedly nothing close to a bump skier. I suspect the Bode ski would be better yet in bumps. Hope this helps.
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