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Atomic Ride 9.20 vs. C 9.18 and C 8.18?

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I'm a newbie to this forum, about to buy my first set of skis. I'm an intermediate skier, hoping to ski more in the coming years. I typically ski all the blue runs and maybe the easier black runs, but would like something that will work for me now and that I can also grow into.

I've pretty much decided on Atomics, but can't decide which model to get. I found some good deals on last year's models of the Ride 9.20, C 9.18 and C 8.18. What would folks out there recommend?

Also, I'm 5'11", 165 lbs. A 170 ski comes right up to the bridge of my nose. Is that the correct size, or should I go for a 180?

I live and ski New England.


P.S. Edit: To this point, I have skiied only groomed trails. I imagine most of my future skiing will be similar, though I guess it depends on how my skills and interests evolve. I'm 37, if that makes a difference.

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I would think for your ability (somewhat similar to mine)at the very least the C9. I haven't skied the 10.2 so I couldn't speak to that, but I skied the C8.18 and thought it a little too soft, the C9 was right up my alley. Like you, I ski mostly groomed and this is great, could easily make long and short turns, okay on the bumps too, and it did seem adequate when I went off-piste (though, with a 65cm waist it is definately built for the groomed). I'm 6'4" and I ski the 180, I would think that the 170 would be right for you. Just my .02
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The BetaRide 9.20 hasn't been in the line-up for more than a few seasons now. I can hardly remember any info on it. The C:9 is where I'd point you to, in a 170cm. If you decide you might want to venture off the beaten track, look at the R:9 formerly called the Ride 9.22.
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Thanks! There seems to be a consensus for the C:9.18. It really sounds like the perfect ski for me (forgiving as I develop my skills, but with good "upside").
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I recently bought a pair of last years c:9s. I love them. They have been very good on New England ice and bumps. I learned last year but I ski a lot. Now I am starting to do harder blacks and I feel like these skis have given me a lot of control. I am 5'2 and use the 150's which are up to my forehead.
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I just bought a pair of C9's in 190cm (too long - according to the resident experts - but according to me - just right). They are a very good ski. They're almost too good. There's practically no way to screw up on them - you can backseat drive your way through anything (no, I do not endorse this practice).

In some respects, they're almost too much of a good thing. When you get down on them, they carve RIGHT NOW. A good attribute if that's your temperament. If you have a more relaxed style, you might test drive a set of Rossi's (wish I could remember the model now...). The Rossi's I skied are a little wider at the waist and carve just as well, but more gracefully on the entry.

My only real complaint with the ski applies to most of the shaped skis in that they want to be on edge all the time - especially on ice. When skiied flat, they will hunt for an edge. Hit an icy patch, and they can really throw you for a loop. Fortunately the C9's are so good that you can recover from damned near anything.

FWIW - which ain't much in internet land...
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