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Salomon Pro Model Gun Spaceframe

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Hi All

I have just purchased a pair of Salomon Pro Model Gun Spaceframe boots and was wondering if anyone has tried them out yet, I have still not worn them at the slopes.

I am trying to choose between the Salomon Spaceframe and the Head S12 etc. Does anyone know of any Pros or Cons to these boots. I am 6'1", 175lb, expert skiier with skinney legs and calves that start high on my leg. I also ski Atomic B5's.

Any Information would be appreciated :

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salomons should fit your chicken legs fine
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I have last years Pro Model Spaceframes and love them. They have a reasonable flex and a dialed in fit. Unfortunately I have no clue about the heads, so I can really do a comparison for you.
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Great Boot

I have the 06 Pro Model Gun Space Frame, what a boot, I've skied Tecnicas over the last 8 years and have had nothing but fit issues, sixth toe, ankle movement and so on. These boots fit like a glove and snow feel is tremendous, I also have very small ankles and Calves...Again this boot rocks
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Thanks bap5000

The boots fit really well in the house, no movement anywhere, they are very tight fit. I am still waiting for a couple days out to the hill before I get them heated.

Did you find the heat fit made a difference?
Did you modify the boot at all, remove any screws or cut the tougue plastic?

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heating the liners just helps to speed up the packout of the boot, not really that magical. just ski them for a few days and see what works

keep the extra parts in a see what you need to change later
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Tight fit, know what you mean, I had mine ground out in the toe area just in the very front of the boot. Not to much...But that's not the boot, my own personal foot issues... I skied them a few days and had some pain in my right foot, do to the fact it's a bit longer..Still I decided to keep skiing them and see what happens, I have around 12 days on them now and they have packed out a bit and feel super. I also did have them heated @ the shop, helps a little its like skiing them a day or two.....
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