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Switching Footbeds to New Boots

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Does anyone have thoughts or comments on switching a pair of footbeds to a new pair of boots?

I'm thinking of reusing the footbeds that are in my old Nordica Grand Prix RTs, and putting them in the Lange L10s that I bought late last season.

The footbeds themselves are Footworx footbeds, and they're in pretty good shape considering the umpteen million days I have on 'em. Thoughts anyone?

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I've done it that for my last 3 pairs of boots. I just trim the outline if required to make them fit.

I wonder if there's any downside to this.
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A few questions/thoughts:

How does the footprint of the orthotic match up with the Lange one in terms of length and width? They should be close.

Has there been a noticeable change in your weight since they were made? The ErgoResearch system seems to employ a full weight-bearing method for imprinting so your distribution may have changed significantly. It happens to all of us.

What is the footboard material? Has is broken down over time?

Another change in footbed design I've encountered, is a lack of "blocking" on the bottom, under the first meta-tarsal, so the toes can scrunch and flatten out as they please. This seems to be going hand in hand with a more upright cuff and softer forward flexion.
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I'm with ski east on this one. I've switched my footbeds to each new pair of boots I've purchased.

Two seasons ago I went for new footbeds. I brought my old ones with me for comparison. After evaluating me and going through the process of checking my balance laterally, and fore and aft, he determined I really didn't need new footbeds. I saved some money and bought footbeds for my wife instead.

Some of the points brought up are valid. You want to make sure the footbed outline is similar to your new boot. You can take out the cardboard footbed that comes with the boot and put it under your footbed. You don't want your footbed to slide around in the boot.

good luck,

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Thanks for the input everyone. I'll give my old footbeds a shot, and see how they work. I'll let you know how it works.

Thanks again, and let winter begin!
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