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Help me choose a ski!

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Me: 5'8 or 9, 140lbs.

Looking at these deals, not sure if I am looking at skis that are too short:

Atomic SX 7 160 or 170
Salomon Scream limited 160cm
Nordica Speedmachine 10 XBS in 161 or 68,
Nordica SUV 8 in 164 or 171
Nordica Speedmachine 12 in 162
Dynastar Argyl 9 at 170cm
Dynastar Omecarve 10 at 165
^^Can I slap salomon bindings on these?

Basically, looking at a LOT. Right now considering the Salomons,
or the SX 10s.

Any advice? Not very up on what company does what well.
Skiing on the East Coast, resort riding/groomers. Just been reading reviews and the Sx 7 and 10 seem like a solid bet.
Nothing for the scream limiteds.

Basically I want to get a ski that is not too short.
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That's quite a mixed bag you have there. Beware that the Salomon bindings you apparently still have won't fit on many of the skis you mention. I find it a disgrace that so many ski manufacturers are making it impossible to fit other bindings to their skis but there you have it...

I calculated that yu are 172,5 cm. Personally I wouldn't go shorter than 165. Good luck making your choices.
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Yeah, I wish I knew of some after-market swap plates i.e.
it fits onto an atomic ski, but mates with a Salomon binding.
I narrowed it down a bit. will stick to 165 +/-.

But any thumbs up or stay-aways ?
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I would stay away from SX 7, SUV 8 and Agyl 9. These are below your level I think. The rest have different characters but would theoretically suit you fine. Personally I ski Dynastar (admittedly a twin tip pro @180cm)and really like the character of those ski's. Have heard good things about the Nordica's too.
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dillemmas dillemas

Ok thanks - will take a 2nd look at the other Nordicas, but the Argyl 9s are $150 with bindings...hard not to pass up. Nordicas looke like 250-300.

Last option that came up is the atomic metron: ex. ??
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After doing detailed research and demos on several brands

Five buddies and I, all advanced skiers 30 days/ yr bought SX10's and really put them to their paces . We range in size from 6'0" 150 lbs to 6'2'' 210lbs and in age from early thirties to early 70's. all in good athletic condition . All of us are on 170's except the young lite guy , he's on 160's

We TESTED them on the steeps,and on groomers, on ICE, on boilerplate , on crud and cut -up snow .

We did short swing turns on steep twisty trails and let them rip on GS courses . SHORT SWINGS WERE EASY TO INITIATE AND THE EDGE HOLD IS SUPERIOR !!

THE SX10 are incredibly STABLE at WARP speed ! When you put them on edge they hold LIKE VELCRO---. No bouncing around or slippage --

We skied them VERY hard and VERY fast 6-7 hrs a day AND DID NOT FIND THEIR SPEED LIMIT !! But more importantly they don't toast you after running fast and hard all day long! In short they are the Best ride among the skis demoed
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Dilemma's indeed

I see that you are looking at the selection at a certain store: c****o?

Hmmm, considering the selection and your budget, and considering that this is approximately the worst time in the season to be buying new skis (the best months for getting bargains are late november and late april/may) The Agyl 9 does seem tempting. Just don't expect this ski to be fast. If you mainly enjoy cruising around at medium speeds it should do you fine...
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Yup - was eyeballing cup*lo since they are in my province.
There's a sportsliquidator in another province that has free shipping = evades my provincial tax AND free shipping, but I passed.
I ended up purchasing some skis from someone on here, Atomic SX 9's.
I figure it's a good all around non-overly demanding ski that is good for the East coast i.e. mixed conditions

But any word on salomon scream limiteds? Found them on sale for $200...
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Not a bad price on those Salomons. I would snap them up for that money, although Salomons in general are not rated highly by the Bears.

Salomon's Scream skis are rated highly by the consumer though, the X scream is the single most selling ski in history, I believe!

So I wouldn't think there's much risk.
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True enough

True enough, but I think, a better idea is to put that $200 towards skling for now, travel/tickets, and in the summer pick up something else.

I think most consumers haven't tried enough different skis in order to proclaim something much better than other. Best selling is one thing, true performance is another.

Will let ya know I like the SX 9 when they come in
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