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Breckenridge 1/12

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I'll be skiing alone at Breck for the day on Thursday. Anybody who wants to meet up and make a few turns post here "Gathering Style" or PM me.

Meeting place....The Peak 9 Summit Rest. at 10:15 AM

Early Birds can meet me at 9:15 at the Picnic Tables at the base of the Beaver Run Lift.

Look for a guy with Orange Icon Boots and a Red/White/Blue hat with the goggles on upside down...(for those who don't know me) At the rest. I'll have the hat on the table with the goggles on upside down.
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Damn Uncle Louie,

The wife & I have been in Breck all week and skied with Bong today. Thursday is supposed to be Keystone day for us, but maybe we'll adjust our plans. We'll post here or PM and let you know. Hope we get to hook up.
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hey I plan to be at Breck with friends on Friday -- can't get away from work Thursday. We're at Copper tomorrow and then over the weekend.

any chance we'll catch up with you?

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Jim, just go ahead and change those plans! lol You will NOT be disappointed by skiing with UL for a day at Breck!

UL, wish I were there... I'd ski with you!
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UL, I think I'll get up to ski with you tomorrow. I'll call you a bit later...
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I just got off the road from Utah ! (Now --down to business )

ssh---sounds good PM or call later.

Mike---you had a free condo to should have come out

KLK---I should be at Breck on Friday also...only difference is I'm meeting Sugar Cube there also. Lets use the same 10:15 meeting place at the Peak 9 Summit Rest. on Friday.

J-Giddy--If it is you and the wife, try us on Friday.....10:15 Peak 9 Summit Rest.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Louie
Mike---you had a free condo to should have come out
Now if I just had a free plane ticket and lift tickets I'd be there! lol Have fun!
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Uncle Louie,

We're doing Keystone tomorrow since I don't know when I'll make it back here and I would like to give it a try.

Friday I'm committed to skiing with another Bear (Cardweg) who's coming all the way over from Ireland. I'm not sure what kind of skier he is, but if he's up to it we'll meet you at Peak 9 rest. at 10:15.

Got to ski with NewHampie and his daughter this afternoon. Good guy and excellent skiing. Hope to see everyone on Friday.
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Yes, Yes, Yes!

I'm coming tomorrow - wahey!!!

Depending on what time I can get up from Denver Friday morning, I'm definitely game to try and catch up with any of you Bears :-)

I'll talk to you tomorrow night jgiddyup and we can sort something out.

I'll ski most anything on the mountain, but please cut me some slack to allow for the fact that I'm 7 hours ahead of you and just after a 22 hour journey.

Look forward to meeting y'all

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I get the hour thing....I drive here...30 hrs behind the wheel and 39/40 for the whole trip and of course my friends expect me to just come directly to the parking lot and go out and crank out my best turns.

I won't have a cell with me, but if giddy-up has, get a number and if you are late in getting here, call and we'll try to meet you somewhere.
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our plan is to ski breck on friday ... never been there. plus, I hurt my knee recently and have to stick to groomers while it's rehabbing.

there is also one skier in our group who is L5/6 and only comfortable on groomed blacks with decent snow cover

does it make sense for us to meet you at peak 9 (etc.)?

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Louie, I'm bringing a posse tomorrow--you definitely won't be alone (4 or 5 of us, I think). Call me in the morning if you want; we're hitting the road at 6.

jgiddyup, you really should come to Breck. What could there be at Keystone? Especially compared to skiing with Louie?!

See you in the morning, UL!
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Had a lot of fun with ssh and his friends today....all strong skiers and we went everywhere.

Anybody coming Friday...lets plan on the same meeting places....Beaver Run at Peak 9 at 9:15 AM out by the picnic tables for the early birds.

10:15 at the Peak 9 Summit Rest. Look for the guy with the goggles on upside down.
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Unc, can't make it today but will be at Breck tomorrow. Carve a pretty for me!
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I'll post more when I get home tomorrow, but suffice it to say I got to ski all day with Uncle Louie and Cardweg. UL is as good as advertised and Cardweg was great. Good people and great fun that make this forum what it is. The best ski resource I've found!!!
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