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Boot Advice: M11 vs. Magnesium

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Boot Guru's: after many happy years on Salomon X-Scream 9.0's, it's time to retire the old orange beasts. I've been trying on many boots in as many ski shops as possible, and I've narrowed my next boots to either:

Atomic M11's (Custom Pro Liner) or Technica Diablo Magnesiums (Hot Form Liner).

Both fit my feet wonderfully; Technicas have a little better foot bed, but the Atomics fit a little better overall - I think due to the more relaxed forward lean.
A little about me: NSP Patroller * 6 years, now in school in the mid west. I ski 10-14 days/year on Missouri icy groomers (preferred style: race-carve); and a few trips each year to CA, BC or CO (preferred style: steep & deep). When I lived out west, I skied the entire mountain - and I would like to keep doing so.
On patrol, I spend more time walking than I'd like, so that might be a consideration as well.

Your advice and suggestions for the better boot are much appreciated.

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It would be nice if you could work with a boot fitter. A good shell fit and appropriate liner are really important to you for a couple reasons. As a patroller, you need positive control over your skis, especially for icy conditions, but more importantly, you need to be comfortable in your boots all day. You do not want a boot that make you want to unbuckle everytime you ride the lift. Cold weather is also an issue, so warmth enters the picture. The plug race boots are not appropriate.

Both of these boots come with a heat moldable liner, which should be more comfortable and warmer. They are both fairly high performance, but not close to true race boots. I actually see these two boots as fairly similar (others may disagree). I would try them on and go with the one with the best fit and service. If pushed, I lean to Technica based on past fit/performance. For walking around, cat tracks sure make for a lot less impact and better traction. If you are really on your feet a lot the Garmont Adrenalin AT boot is favored by some patrollers, but doesn't sound right for you.

Good luck SkiMD2b, have a great season, and welcome to EpicSki.
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M11 work wonderful for me.

I have had both on my feet also. I am skiing the M11. It works really well. The good thing is that most of the support is coming out of the shell itself therefore packing out has not been any issue on the performance. I also enjoy the wider toe box with killer heel hold. The quality of the New M series from Atomic is much better than their old boots. Good Luck!
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Thanks the the help!

Thanks for the advice... So one vote for Atomics, one vote for Technicas. The big toe box and exceptional heel hold were a big pluses for me when I tried on the M11's.
The Technicas had a fantastic foot bed, but I'm planning on putting in a 'Superfeet' aftermarket sole anyway.
Also, I didn't know enough about the Technicas when I tried them on, but I'm curious to know if the "Hot Form" liner in the Technicas is worth the Hype; the alternative being their "hyperfit" liner with the built in inserts for my narrow heel.

Thanks much, you guys are great!
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