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narrow feet, big calves..boots?

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I need some new boots, and im not sure which way to go. I have narrower feet but large calves. I have some tecnica entryx 7's and they pinch the skin in fron by the shin when tightened up. They are however to loose in the lower foot by the toes etc. What is a good boot to go with that will be accomidating in the calve but be skinny or narrow around the lower part of my foot.

2 i have tried on and liked are the Nordica Beast 10 and the Tecnica Vento 10. Any ideas?
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I have a narrow heel, normal forefoot, and large calves. The Beast 10 fit the bill. The wider tongue eliminated the pinching around the calf and apparently run more narrow than others. The heel pocket fits perfect (for me). Bought them small enough to wear very thin race sock. Custom foot bed made a big difference too...my entire foot is supported.

Others I tried with no success


Take your time and find a good fitter that will spend some time on your project.
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For quick read:


I have large calves and wide feet, so I had a similar problem.. in fact, when I got rentals, my calves got their ass kicked to the point where I was lying in bed hurting like hell from the blood rushing back into my feet... after it got cut off from the calf down.

My 2 cents is that you know those spoilers in the back of the boot that are supposed to give you rear cuff support?.. You can actually ski w/o it... so if you pop it off, it gives you an extra 2-3cm or something of room. I used to have mine popped off, but now that my boots are packed out, I put them back in. Check the guide above for the recommendations for large calf and pick a narrow foot one.
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Dalbello makes boots with a buckle right on the ankle, but I haven't tried them yet (I have narrow heel issue too).
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Try the Solomon Boots. I have a wide calf but my feet are not wide. There are some models with the inside lace that you can tighten on the foot that have helped my problem. The calf area has a buckle that can be moved out to accomodate the wider calf without having additional work done.

Reputable boot fitters can also "blow out" the boot shell to make it fit the cuff area better. I had this done on Dachsteins a few years back. If the boot you have is comfortable on the foot and is in good shape still consult a fitter and they may be able to "blow" the cuff out for you.

I have tried the Dalbello's that they sell for wide calfs but the foot is also wide and they only carry it in a low intermediate to beginner level boot...it was a big mistake to try it as it was a very soft boot.

Another thought. It's hard to know from your original post how experienced you are, so if you know this please excuse me. The only thing that should be inside your boot is your foot and your sock. If anything else is in there take it out and see if that helps. You should not have pants tucked into the boot at all, wear pants that have a big enough ankle to go over the shell of the boot.
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Odd combo.

When I sold boots twenty years ago, Dolomite were the best for wide calves. However, San Marco had the narrowest last.
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Originally Posted by ATskier
When I sold boots twenty years ago, Dolomite were the best for wide calves. However, San Marco had the narrowest last.
And they came in different colors of leather (as long as you wanted black) with the top of the line actually having these new fangled closing thingy watchamacallits---oh yea! buckles.:

Dolomite is still around not that thay are not still made but I haven't seen a San Marco in 20 years.
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All these recommendations are good. Sometimes a small heel lift will move your calf up just enough to work. The movable buckles also work. Time has a way of loosening up the upper calf area just like the other areas of the boot. A heel lift and four days of skiing solved my problem without modifying the boot.
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perhaps a store that sells boot might help with this.

you can try the boots on in person and see what works for you?
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yea im deffinitly going to get the, from a store local. The closest bootfitter is chicago which is 4 hours away and when i called on the phone they quoted me ~300-~700..and it was just a guess...he said he wouldnt tell me b/c everyone is differet. Well yea, they are an awsome bootfitter and i didnt expect a better quote, but i cant afford that. I figure i should be able to get some for 400 total.

I wear Under Armor and anklle socks which tuck into my boots. I think this is ok. I am going to switch to high ski socks.

My ankle width, that is from the end of my heel to the 90 angle on top of my foot...so diagonal, is quite wide.

I think the beast 10's have fit the best so far.

The shop also wanted to sell me superfeet. They were only 40 bucks! These must be the really cheap ones? Why cant i just get some DR. Sholls for 1/3 the price?

Thanks for all the input!!!!!!!!!
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how big is big...my calf at boot top is almost 17 inches and i am in a 28.5 dalbello krypton ..no problem only modification to shell has been the blow out of 6th toe area on both feet...also removed stock strap and replaced with a power strap,,,next i am going to try no top buckle at all only power strap "in same location as top buckle" only because top buckle seesm worthless once i installed power strap
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calve is 15 inches @ boot top.

Are nordica beast 10's good. I tried them on agian today and they are so confortable. The fit my feet the best because they are the only boot so far that keeps my heel down in place. All other boots i can flex my foot foward and my heel lifts up. The nordica also seems to accomidate my calve muscles. There is a little xtra room in the toe area, just up and down however, not side to side. Basically i can wiggle my toes alittle bit but my foot doesnt move.

Im just worried that the liners will pack down and ill be stuck with a loose slopy boot. ANy adivce?
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DID they boot fit ya to boot? do they offer a guarantee for fit? all boot liners will pack out so what feels snug now will get sloppy later..think it should be what feels tight and was shell fit will work out fine.i wore boots for about 15 hours arround house and then 10 days of skiing before i really started to break in...then had 6th toe blown out now after another 15 days i need to do right 6th toe a little more...also i am getting replacement liners and though they are new "not to be released till next year and equal to thermofits"i think its going to take a few days of skiing to pack out again..the shop is 1.5 hours from home and 35 min from home mountain
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I'm not a gear guru by any means. I've been struggling with x-wave 8's for about 4 yrs. Boot has been worked-over numerous times at the bootfitter. The fit on the foot is OK now, but the calf is more painful than I can explain. My calf is a little over 19 inches at boot top and from what I've been able to gather on this site, I probably should not have been put in this boot in the first place (live and learn, not all bootfitters are created equal). Our most recent ski trip was over Christmas and after the first day I was ready to give up skiing forever if I had to wear these again. So off to the shops I went. As mentioned here the Nordica Beast 10 was a good fit, but the best for me was the Technica Diablo Flame. Straight out of the box they are a better fit for my foot and calf than the x-waves, even with my feet/calves sore from sking them, the flames were comfortable. I was able to ski them with no adjustment so far. I'm sure over the next few trips they will need some tweaking, but at least I don't feel like giving up skiing anymore.
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saloman xwave is a high cuffed and a high volume liner all the technicas are a low cuffed boot
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Head RS80/RS100/S series is fairly large in the calf (if you remove the spoiler) while you can drop the insert in and bring the forefoot to a narrow 100mm (works great for a narrow heel as well). I have fit several customers this way.
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got some boots, Nordica Beast 8's. They were on sale..still alittle high but they threw in some cheap heel lifts which definitly did the trick. They were more narrow which was better as well. I really cant wait to hit the slope...we have anice hill here in thie middle of no where. Its called Granite Peak and its in Wausau Wisconsin. Im going to Fernie BC in march too!
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