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K2's customer service and a question

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At Winter Park last week, I took a nasty hit on a rock in a chute in the trees and cracked the sidewall of my 2003-2004 Axis XPs... still skiable, but clearly damaged. A big ol' jump turn into an 'untracked' shot between two rocks turned out to be a jump turn onto a nice sharp rock and one of my skis paid dearly...

So, I called a rep friend that day, he said he'd speak to K2... the following day, K2 had decided to warranty the skis, even though I had owned them for a year and a half and they could certainly have just chased me away. Absolutely incredible customer service! They may have moved factories overseas, but their commitment to their customers is nothing short of amazing - this is the second pair of skis that they have warranteed for me, and I'll be buying K2 for some time to come because of it.

Which leads me to my question - which skis should I get from k2 for this warrantee issue? I really liked the Axis XPs (174s) for bumps and trees and smooth groomers, but for crud and hard charging, they're certainly not the ultimate ski. I've been racing for a number of years, (I'm 21yrs old, 175#) and I have GS skis for going fast, etc, but I would like a ski that I could take a little faster into open cruddy bowls, etc. How is the apache outlaw in that regard? is it similar to the old AKs? how would it be for eastern groomers occasionally? mainly, would I be better served by an outlaw or the apache recon in a larger size?

Thanks for the advice!
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My Recons ski just like my XPs. I love both in crud. Would you like the XP a bit longer? The Outlaw, as I understand it, is more of a powder ski. I've not tried it yet.
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It sound like you really charge after the goods. I'm surprised you aren't looking at something like the Seth Vicious. This ski has gained a rep for being an excellent big mountain ski. The construction sounds like it should hold up to abuse. The warranty people at K2 might be glad you got the Vicious
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cool... Thanks for the advice - I'm not sure if I can get one of the funkier skis - I'll have to ask. I couldn't figure out by K2's website which the burly all mt ski was, and I've only been paying attention to race skis for the past 2 years... I'll take a look at the seth vicious, though, sounds cool. Maybe I'll wait to see where I'll go next year (graduating college this year) before I decide what kind of ski to get...

Thanks for the advice, and I'm certainly open to more!


ps The problem I have with getting a longer XP is that if I get it longer for big turns in junk, I'd probably be happier with a burlier ski in a shorter length for the same thing, while preserving more maneuverability in trees and bumps...
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K2 has one of the absolute best warranties of any ski out there. I've never heard of anyone having problems with them, whether it be my coworker who busted one of his Seth Pistols in half or a fellow racer who had a delam after putting 60 days on his SL skis.
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go w/ the apaches!! they rock all over the mountain, definetley high speed stable and go though the crud smooth.
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I own both the Recon & Chief and skied the Outlaw last week in a foot of fresh snow/crud at Vail.

I'm very impressed with the Outlaw. The shovel is considerably stiffer than either of the other two allowing it to get through crud and transitions better. It floats better than the Recon and not as well as the Chief in the powder which is to be expected. And for a wide ski it's still quick edge to edge. I had no problem moving it through the bumps. It's still characteristically K2 damp. You either like that feel or you don't.

All in all I think the Outlaw is a step up for K2. Taking ski category into consideration, I think it's a better ski than either the Recon or the Chief.
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Credit Towards Volkls?

K2 owns Volkl now, right? Maybe K2 would extend the warrantly to include at least credit towards the Volkl line. Certainly not a lack of raves for Volkls on this board. Maybe you could score a pair of AC4s, Karmas, or Mantras for like $200
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K2 warranty

I would say you're very lucky that they would replace the skis. IMPACT damage is clearly not covered under the K2 warranty or any other ski mfgr that I know about. I would say that the K2's over the last several years have been some of the best skis made. They ski great right out of wrapper and have few if any problems.
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hey Cruddog,

I know it! I definitely think K2 has gone above and beyond, which is exactly why I felt it necessary to post here and praise them! I'm not sure they have the exact right all mountain ski for me, but for the foreseeable future, I'll be on K2 all mt skis (race skis obv. a different story) because of this experience. I think I'll be sticking with recons or maybe going to outlaws for next year - the seth skis seem like they might not work so well on the groomed, whereas with a race plate and a good tune, my XPs could have handled a GS course...

Anyway, thanks all for the advice (and if any of y'all have anything else to add, I'd love to hear it!)
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It sounds like you've enjoyed your XP's, and have some theoretical enthusiasm for--but reservations about--the Seth Vicious. I second that emotion! I've been in the same boat. And so I demo'd the two head-to-head (but used the 181 Apache Recon, which is same as Axis XP), and wrote about it here just the other day (toward the end of the thread).

Hope I did that right.

Anyway, you can read my assessment, but long story short, no-go on the Vicious, for the reasons you already hinted at, and more. And BTW, I wouldn't worry about going slightly longer on a new set of Recons/XP's; I rode the 181, had 181 XP's, am your size w/ racing background like you, and found that size perfect other than being maybe a little too maneuverable... So don't fret hopping up a size, cuz' I don't think they increase in stiffness or anything, and I can attest they still turn like demons betwixt them trees... Damn, I wish the shop had Outlaws available to compare with!
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