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Ski Comparrisons

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Can someone who has skied one or both of these skis help me out a little bit. WHich one would suit me better

Fischer AMC 79- I can get a killer price from a friend
Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel

I ski primarily in the east 90%

I can ski basically any trial in the east ( if it is groomed i can ski anything with ease )

I want something that skis more gs like than my slalom cut volkl race tigers. Also I want something that holds on ice and blasts through crud. I don't really care about bumps much. Also I own a pair of pocket rockets, for reference. Also I don't want a ski that is too demanding and a lot of work ( i know you're going to suggest the hot rod nitrous, i tried it and wasn't too impressed) I'm thinking one of these is a great way to round off my quiver.
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While you'r waiting for someone who's skied these skis, let me just say that the GS-feel skis I would consider from these companies are the WC RC, RX9 and Doberman Pro GS.
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I'm looking for something wide under waist though. Thanks for the info Ghost.
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