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Ski Bag Question - How Many?

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I am taking my family on our first ski vacation where we have to fly to our destination (as opposed to drive). We have 2 sets of adult skis (165 cm and 140 cm) and 2 sets of kids skis (little ones, 110 cm and 80 cm).

I need to purchase ski bags for the trip and was wondering what I should get to make it as easy as possible without risking damage to our skis. Should I get a double (or even a tripple) bag and try to get all the skis in there? Maybe I can get an adult and kids ski in a single ski bag and get two singles? I want to avoid the dreaded Oversized Baggage charge. Advice along with brand/model suggestions are appreciated.

BTW, I did a search and couldn't find this topic covered anywhere (other than the suggestion of ski bag brands and models).
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I bought one of these bags on ebay last year and can say it is excellent and will easily hold all your skis.

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Too many skis in the bag may make the bag too heavy to schlump around easily. I think the baggage charge is only for bags over 50#. Each person is allowed two checked bags under 50# plus a ski bag without extra charge. If asked, tell the agent that one of the bags is a ski boot bag...I was told, "good answer," when I said that to an agent.

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I agree that you CAN make a ski bag too heavy to shlep around.

Those wheeled bags seem to make sense. Saw some this weekend traversing a parking lot!!

Also be aware that many of these bags are pretty good sized to begin with and even a single padded bag of normal size will quite easily fit 2 adult sets and you might get 2 small kid skis sets in as well---you'll have to jockey the binding positions around some to make everything fit. But would you want to? The weight and bulk would be significant.
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Most airlines want to limit the ski bag to 2 pairs. If you let slip that there are 3 pairs or more in the bag, they may tell you that you have to separate them.

If you are traveling with enough people that it's less than 2 skis per person, they will give you nice big clean plastic bags to put the skis in for transport:
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Yes and different airlines have differing policies regarding,
A) whether a ski bag is included as one of "two permitted bags" or permitted without charge in addition to two checked bags and,
B) whether they will allow more than one pair of skis per bag regardless of weight without an extra charge.

Best that you check with the airlines before you leave on your trip to avoid any unpleasant surprises at check-in.
FWIW, it's reasonably safe to assume that one adult pair of skis with bindings will weigh approx. 15-16 lbs. The 140cms maybe 14 lbs or so. Don't know about children's skis but you may be able to guess based on relative size.
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We (myself, wife and 6year old son) travel out west twice a year. We have one wheeled double bag and one non-wheeled single bag. I used to be able to put all 3 sets in the wheeled double, but this year my sons skis got too big. As long as the bag is not over 50 lbs, I don't think they care if a kids set of skis is included in the double bag.

I wouldn't go anywhere without the wheeled double. It is much easier with the wheels. I put the two big sets of skis in there and it is around 40-45 lbs. My sons skis go in the single (with alot of extra padding to take up space).
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Get two of these.

Delta doesn't charge for a set of ski equipment. They count it as one checked piece.
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