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Has anyone skied in the Poconos?

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Hello all-

I am new to this forum but enjoy the many pearls of wisdom I have already gleaned in such a short time. You guys are awesome!

So...next week we're making the eastward vacation trek to NYC but will be spending 4 days in the Poconos, specifically in Shawnee-on-Delaware (in PA technically). There is a resort very close by called Shawnee Mountain Ski Area....

Now, I know this is no Vail or Alta, but can anyone recommend this resort?

This would be a bonus ski day if it happened but I am wondering if it's even worth it..

Danke Shoen.


Ski Mammoth Mountain!
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I am not the one you want to ask. I actually had my wedding at the Shawnee Inn. Golf Course is very good. As far as the skiing? the golf course is very good.

Yuki here works/instructs at Shawnee.
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heh heh. thx Phil.

i will await yuki's response. or seek him/her out.
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Yuki worked at Shawnee and he worked at Camelback. Kid in a race school so I am a former or "recovered" instructor .... the therapy is helping quite well thanks!

Phil is quite correct!

Shawnee does have a golf course .. a good one I hear!
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You would have to drive a bit but I liked Montage in Scranton and Elk a bit farther north. My son was at Blue Mountain over the school break and liked it (he is a boarder) but I've never been there. Blue would be south of Shawnee I believe. Maybe someone from PA could tell you how far the drive would be. Shawnee is a nice place to learn to ski.
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Was at Elk last Sunday. Conditions were ... ok in the morning, but got very scraped off in the afternoon. I'll guess Elk, bing a bit further north then the other places, has slightly better conds that Shawnee/Camelback/Montage/JF/BB.

I don't htink the upcoming three-day holiday weekend will have much in the wya of crowds, it's been way-too warm to get the masses out yet.
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If you have a reference to Mammoth in your sig, I can't imagine that you would be at all impressed with Shawnee in the Poconos. Now if you're itchin' to get on skis and/or don't have something else you'd rather be doing, it will have snow on the hill and lifts to ride...
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Elk is worth the drive -- 1 hr+. I-380 to I-81.
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Elk is my favorite in the "Endless Hills" .... don't refer to Elk as the Poconos; they are a bit touchy about that.

Nice hill and a better "crowd" if there is one.

But the downside .... the burgers .... the burgers are horrible..

I love the place .... say hi to Wolf for me .... but those burgers are bad!

Not cha' basic city folks uppa there .... and I like it.
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Thx for the feedback, everyone

...though, truth be told, I am even more confused that I was before

wifey wants to do it...a nice easy place for the kids to learn even more.

guess ill be skiing backwards again and cursing my quads....
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If you are a mammoth skier, that place will do nothing for you. I live in the Poconos and don't ski there, but live to ski my yearly out west trips. But to each his own, depending on your experince and skiing level you might be quite satisfied to get out on skis for the day. Better to try Camelback, it is only a half hour away from Shawnee, is a much bigger mtn, has some steeper pitches(they usually flatten moguls right down). Elk is almost two hours away! Montage - flat cruisers, except for two nice, steep slopes, slow lifts, town crowd(my kids), camelback is much better. But if you just enjoy regular sedate skiing you might be happy. We are in the middle of a ferocious spring thaw right now!!!! Check the weather and bring your shorts!
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Ski Shawnee...You and your family will have a great time...and enjoy your stay in the East!
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I skied Camelback for 27 years before moving. If you plan your day right you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the hill, but that's true at any Pocono ski area. Basically, there is more skiing population than acreage available to ski. So, CB, Shawnee, Big Boulder (that's about all it is, too), Jack Frost and Blue all have issues with crowds. Not so at Elk from the trips I took up there over the years. Some nice cruising runs, a few more demanding runs and a civilized clientele. In my opinion, one day at Shawnee is enough for anyone before moving on to ANYPLACE else. And that's from someone who spent 27 years yoyo-ing in the Poconos -- I have a huge tolerance for boredom.
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