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Hey All,

You seem a connected, well informed bunch. Other than sidecut what is the different between the volkl ac3 and the ac4 unlimited. Same construction....

Is the ac4 stiffer?
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Somebody will chime in with a better answer, but I would have to guess the AC4 is stiffer just from being wider. I've been looking at AC3 a lot, but AC4 doesn't match my terrain, so really not sure.
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AC4 is wider, has a smaller radius, is designed for more off piste skiing than the AC3. Do a search in Consumer Gear Reviews, plenty of reviews on both. A couple of the Bears have also skied both and may be able to give you a more direct comparison.
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bfg, welcome to EPIC.

I have demoed both and after the summer and fall to think about it, I bought the AC4. I have AX3's and G3's so I wanted something a little wider. I got on my AC4's for the first time last Saturday, at Okemo VT. After skiing them hard all day on Sunday. The AC4 may well become my everyday ski. I may ski both AX3 and AC4 this Thursday, so I can compare back to back runs. I know I like the AX3's better then my son's P60SL. The AC4 is more turny then the AX3 but is very comfortable at high speeds. My 4's have the PCOS, both 3's are flat with the piston binding.

The AC3 and AC4 as well as most new skis perform really well if your foward on them.

Tell us where you ski and what terrain you like to ski. I have been skiing everything on the mountain for years now. Even stuff not on the trail map.

If you never go off the groomed go with the AC3. It has more float then my AX3's, so if you decide to venture off the groomers they'll be there for you.

I would also suggest you take a lesson on them and learn the correct move patterens. These new skis love a skilled pilot.

Hope that's some help.
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For the East I chose the AC3s which follow the terrain pretty well and have enough float for a 50 groomed 50 off piste skier.

I also like bumps and short turns so they will bend to accomodate anything.

I did not ski the AC4s but I'm sure they are beefier because of the additional width.

I have a pretty aggressive forward stance so I felt perfectly balanced on the skis the first run.

I demoed the 177 and 170 and bought the 170s the next day.
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Plenty of responses, but no answer. The question is not what do I ski or which ski do I want. I know skis and am not looking for any unrelated advice, only an answer to the following question.

The question is - is the AC4 stiffer than the AC3 or not.

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Hey folks,

Here is maybe a better way to get to the bottom of my confusion. Judging from the statements about the two skis, I would definitely buy the ac4's.

But, what I want to know is, if the only difference is sidecut, how can the ac4 be marketed as a fiery experts only ski, while the ac3 is for intermediates? Is it simply that the wider sidecut on the ac4's provide more torsional stiffness?

Searching reviews only brings out the most banal marketing industry type fluff.


ps I know this isn't the place, but I have never had a problem with my cotton boxers.... I don't care what you space material fetished nutters say!
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I called Volkl and asked my questions.
Bought the AC4s and am in Love.
Good Luck.

Tel. +1 603 298 0314
Fax. +1 603 298 6134
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