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Looking for Used Axis X

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Hey, I've decided that the used route is probably the best, if I can find somebody who's interested in selling them because they are getting the 2003 model or for any other reason.

What is a reasonable price, including bindings?

About 300? 350 if they are in great shape?

Anyone interested in selling them?

New ones are going for about 400 on ebay, and that's without binding, so...hmmmm
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oh, crap, sorry...

/slaps self

I need 174s.

Yeah, i search ebay daily. I've seen those, and others...

Thanks though...
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How long? Let me know and I will keep an eye out for you.
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keep on looking for new you will find a good deal if you find some barely used private owned that would be good but most of the used skis are rentals demos with heavy adjustable bindings ect & they act like that is a good thing.you never know what you will get like every one says rent & don't worry about the rocks, most of these still bring a pretty good price.find some skis then find the bindings,keep looking time is on your side.keep checking ebay but 375.00-400.00 skis only is about the best you will get I think from what I have seen.good luck
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174's maddog, thanks
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Here is a site that may be of interest. The price is a bit above $300 with bindings but I think you should be able to get bindings for about $75 and mounted for about $100. Total ski/binding set up should be about $400 for new goods. Send me a PM if you have trouble finding bindings at a good price.

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Thanks, I'm definately thinking about it now...

I think I'm going to call them tomorrow...

Thanks again maddog
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better call quick as you have seen from ebay you could buy them now & sell them in season for more money or at the least break even after you use them.a pair of 188cm just went for 346.00 but you saw what the 174s that just went off sold for.just my .02
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gah, yes, they were out of the 174 cm axis x
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I can get them for 449 at www.bikesale.com

Altrec has then for 524.

Should I go with the 449? I just don't want to get screwed into having to pay 750 for the 2003 model.

Or do you think that I'll be able to find a better price than 449 almost for sure...?
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go to the spring sale page. 174's in the pro for 411 euros($398) including 3-day DHL delivery.
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I would keep looking you could buy the 01/02 axis x last august thru november for 449.00 at a lot of places call kitsap sports .com ask for dave he can give you a heads up.remember the 188s went for cheap the other day on ebay but if time is more important than trying to save a few dollars pay the 449.00 not a bad deal, but try to work a binding deal,I know some people don't like markers but I am surprised more people didn't mention the 1200 piston they work. bteddy
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