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Head vs Salomon boot fit

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Do Head boots have approx the same fit charasteristics as Salomon. I mean things like size (e.g. the same mondo size in Nordica is a tighter boot than Salomon) etc.

I've tried out Salomon Performa and it fits me, but I haven't seen Head in any local ski shop. I'm getting a great deal on a Head Edge boot and I want to try it out if they are about the same. I know I should only buy boots I've tried myself, but at most all I lose is shipping cost.
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Head boots tend to run slightly smaller (in my experience). The Heads I own are also softer than Salomon boots I have owned (and Salomon boots in the past seem to have run stiffer than most other companies - ironic when you consider how soft their skis are). Other than that... without trying them on back to back with each other, it is very hard to tell.
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Thanks. I found that in Salomon, 26.5 was a good fit and based on what you said, I'll order a Head Edge 10.0 27. The boot size is 310mm which I think is the same as Salomon's.

What do you feel about Head boots in general and that specific model in particular? I'm a low intermediate skier.
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I would be careful about going up to a large shell size. Salomon's 26.0/26.5 shell is 302mm to 305mm. Head's is about the same. I would order your same size, and possibly have some grinding work done. Since you are picking them up at such a cheap price, it will be worth it.
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You ask a tough question. The internal shell sizes may not relate exactly to the posted sizes, and don't relate very closely to the sole length. In addition to just length, I think the Salomon is a larger volume boot for the same nominal length.

Don't waste money on a cheap boot that doesn't quite fit...that's no bargain. Head boots are tops, but if the fit isn't right, the boot isn't right. A bootfitter can make a boot a bit bigger, can't make a boot smaller (pads and shims are a poor attempt at fitting), and can't make a boot's internal shape change a whole lot. Good luck with the Heads, and send them back if the fit isn't just right.

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defcon, don't base a Head boot fit on what works in a Salomon boot unless you can order 2 different shell sizes and send back the one that doesn't fit.

shell sole length similarity doesn't mean shell interior length is equally identical.
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The only reason I'm considering ordering online is because its such a good deal. I'm fully prepared to send the boot back if it does not fit. My feet are normal and to be honest, when I tried on various boots, the difference in fit was not night and day between brands.

I've read that bewteen manufacturers, flex and size ratings cannot be compared, which is why I am going by sole length as a rough guide.

I haven't found a single decent ski shop in the bay area which will do bootfitting. All of them seem to be up in Tahoe near or in the ski resorts. Thats one of the problems in trying out boots. I might have to order both the sizes as suggested.
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For what its worth... I considered buying boots online too and decided against it. I am very glad I did and went to a boot shop instead because one boot that "seemed" to fit me in a 27 shell was unbearable in a 26 shell. That being said, I ended up with an perfect fitting boot from a different company in a 26 shell. So, had I stuck with the 27 I would have had a boot that was wayyy too big. I wouldn't worry about the dealer thing... If need be, wait until you go skiing and then buy your boots at a good shop located near the hill. Boots are all about fit.
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Be careful with the advice and comparisons. Make sure everyone is talking about the same models in each line. Both Head and Salomon make several different models of boots and these different lines have different fit characteristics.
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