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BackCountry Tahoe

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Saturday 1/7/06 was a gorgeous day in the Sierra Nevada near Tahoe. Everyone agreed, so the ski areas were absolutely jammed. Going up Hwy 50 there was a large traffic jam that slowed the trip down by at least 45 minutes. As I approached Sierra at Tahoe, I saw cars backed up off the access road onto the highway. If ever there was a day to ski backcountry, this was it.

I headed into the Tahoe basin and headed north up 89 to Waterhouse. This is a popular and relatively safe mountain with about 1800 feet of vertical in large mature trees.

I started up alone, but soon joined up with Brad, Jeremy and John. The skin up was steep and the track icy. The full width skins on my Mantras held well, but some in the group had to side step up the track at times. Pictures follow, and you can see a short video at this link Putfile.com. VIDEO 7.1 MB
What goes up, has more fun coming down. Bradley with some of those strange Tele turns
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I need to get me a pair of those Mantras....and some new places to ski and learn how to use em like cirquerider did.

Nice Tom.

Real nice
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The South side

Nice TR , Looks like you are really living the dream. EARNING YOUR TURNS.

I have hiked, biked and riden up a mountain to see this.
I look forward to making some earned turns soon.
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