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Play in look pivots

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When I lean back the fronts of the boots will come up a bit in the bindings. I haven't noticed it before or on the other binding. It will also make a popping noise with each stride while I am skating. I thought I could see the wing part of the toe piece move up a bit once. It doesn't seem to be causing any problems right now. Should I get it checked out/adjusted? Is it most likely the boot sole length that is out of adjustment? Or something else?
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The Look toepiece has automatic height adjustment, when I click my boots in, the wings that grip the boot are lifted up by a millimeter or so. The wings are designed to slide vertically a couple of millimeters to keep the boot from doing what you describe. You should not be able to move it without quite a lot of leverage. Can you move the wings vertically by hand when the boot is not in the binding?

My first suspicion would be that the boot sole is worn or deformed if it is a few seasons old. Otherwise make sure that the binding itself is screwed down to the ski properly and that it isn't lifting up itself. Is the binding set to the lowest point on ths DIN setting? Is anything cracked or broken on your boot or the binding? Check the AFD is correct and not broken or worn, if it is none of these things consult a ski shop.
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