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Windham and Hunter

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We are going to Windham and Hunter over the MLK weekend. Anyone else heading there?

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I'm not, but I'm sure there will be tens of thousands of others on that weekend.:
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Live and Learn
emphasis on live
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I know it will be plenty crowded, but this is a central location for friends coming from Pa and NJ - so although it is going to be a busy weekend, at least we get to spend it with friends.

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Originally Posted by Shen
Live and Learn
I would suggest..."Lock and Load":
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just got back from belleayre and wow what a difference from sunday conditions sucked all the snow was frozen granular and back down to sheet ice. ..with the weather looking the way its is this comming weekend and following week look bad.Allmost regret bangin in to ski it...What happen yesterday ...did it rain???
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Hunter was really scraped off today, too. I thought the warm temps would soften things up. I was wrong. Good luck this weekend.:
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I've been up there before on MLK weekend, Monday usually isn't too bad if you're including that in your weekend.
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I'll be teaching @ Windham that weekend and hope to be skiing @ Hunter the following Wednesday. OOOH, some rain Monday morning and then freezing temps made the snow a little hard and granular. Pray for snow!

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