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I LOVE my AC4's!!

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For what it's worth, just got back from two weeks at Mammoth (including the 125 inch dump over the four days of New Year's weekend). It took me about three days to really get the feel for how to stay on them, but OH BOY OH BOY are they boatloads of fun. Just what I was looking for...rip up the pow, no worries in the crud, fly down bumps, coast the groomers. The only little teeny nit-pick is that when I'm going reeeeally fast and then hit a quick speed control check turn, they chatter just a bit... I'm never going back to the old dogs again! It is kinda weird to ski them in a 170cm length when I remember skiing on 207cm Olin Mark 7's. Just an all-around fantastic ski, IMHO.
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What are your specs?

Glad you found skis you like so much.
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47 y/o male. 150 pounds, 5'10", level 9 skier, skiing for 37 years.
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and the AC4?
nobody know the weight?
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AC4 125/82/110 in 170cm 16.1 radius, I believe that's what mine say. I'm 5'11" 188lbs.

doogiedoc Are yours flat or motion? Mine are motion. You should take a lesson and learn how to stand up over the tips and keep your feet behind you. Then watch what that ski will do. Try to make it to one of the ESA. I'm still working on what Mike Rogan taught me. When you get it right, the skis are amazing.
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Motion vs. Flat

I have skied my 5 stars....05' model in the flat and motion format. The motion piston definetly quiets things down a good amt. at top speeds...just a thought if your AC4 is not equipped with it.
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I have the motion piston...(just ask my wife)!
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