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Recall on some Atomic 614 bindings.

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I got a call yesterday from Atomic and was asked to return my new 614 bindings, which are now mounted on my new 11.20 skis, because there is a misprint on the toe piece. They offered to reimburse the dismount and mounting of the replacements.

Where you can move the biding back and forth to five settings, the front most is maked SPEED and the rear most is marked EXTREME,

It should be the other way around. Since I now know it and have no plans to ever sell these skis, I declined, especially because I was assured that there is nothing mechanically wrong with the bidings.

Just a "head up" to other owners who may not be on record with Atomic.

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Wow, Atomic is having some QC problems with their bindings. At my local shop they are selling (at full retail) a binding that is painted up as an Xcentrix 412 as a Race 412. The shop owner says that Atomic mistakenly painted their Race 412s as Xcentric 412s. I am looking for a Race 412, but took a pass on the "mislabled" binding.
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I was looking at the Atomic bindings today and really liked the "forward/back" choice of adjusting the bindings. DO you really play with them much for different conditions or just find the sweet spot and leave them set?
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The latter.
(Although that still makes for a highly valuable feature.)
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Yeah, Ryel, that's why I declined to send them back. I'll just find the spot I like and ski that, no matter what it is labeled.

JW, the sides to which the decals were applied were switched. If you were put the left one on the right and vice versa, the would read correctly.

I really don't care... ...Ott
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I have the Xentrix 310 bindings. I do change the fore/aft setting based on the terrain I'm going to be skiing on. I've found that for quick turns and moguls the extreme or forward most setting works best. The speed or rearmost setting is for flying down the cruisers. I use the all-around setting when warming up or skiing with the wife. Haven't skiied deep powder with them yet, but the rearmost setting is supposed to give the skis more floatation. I've found that the different settings really make quite a bit of difference. The only gripe I have about the bindings is that you have to click out of them to change the settings. Just laziness on my part, but it does slow me down a little. Otherwise, I love the bindings. Hope this helps.
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Hmm. Interesting about the binding mislabled. I have the first generation 10.20 and the binding is in fact a RaceRace 412, but it does say Xentrix. The only difference being the amount of lift. Mine has no additional lift, so that makes it a RaceRace, (with an Xentrix paint job.)

They only make the Race and Xentrix series now (and the new Device line,) no more RaceRace. The 310 has 3 varizone positions, the 412 has 4 and the 614 has 5. The binding number corresponds to the din range.

I don't mess with the setting too much. I'm not comfortable with the handling change. It cost me a big race last year trying to get an advantage. I backed it up for a fast GS race and almost crashed, but recovered. I had a huge lead going into that race and gave it away. All I had to do was have a decent finish, and I tried to get cute. I blame it on moving the binding anyway. The settings do work, just be aware of the handling change.
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Ryel, I have owned the Varizone bindings with three settings and tried them all. As you might have expected, the center position was the one I ended up staying with. The value of the settings was more educational, and I did learn what it felt like with the bindings centered, forward, and aft. My experience was that the forward setting was definitely quicker turning and less stable, the aft setting, frankly, was very smooth and comfortable - I liked it and felt comfortable with it. The feeling was more like "Lincoln Town Car" or "Cadillac". In the end, though, I just left it on the middle setting, which had the best combination of comfort and maneuverability. I suspect that if I had bought the same ski in a longer length, I might have liked the forward setting more. As a practical matter, I think the way to go is to find which binding position is best for you and then stick with it.
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