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Quick advice needed!!!!!!!!!!! (on boots)

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I know there are many threads on here ~ boots and bootfitters and such. The problem is i ski all the time and my feet hurt all the time now!

I have tecnica Entryx 7 boots right now.

Im looking @ Tecnica Rival X8's from last year.

They are closeout for 239.95. Is this agood deal and is it a good boot? My ankles hure on the outsider now with the Entryx 7's. I have narrow feet, and i know that tecnicas are better for wide feet but they feel so confortable!

I want a stiffer boot because i feel im a better skier now, and i am way mor aggressive now. Will this boot serve me well? Will it help out my ankle problems?

ALso has anyone herd of superfeet inserts? They want to charge me 40 for the inserts if i woudl like them. They are a great local ski shop and dont pressure you to buy anything. That wht i like about them, i was just wondering if they actually help. They suggested them after i said i had a high arch.


I live in wisconsin and there are no master bootfitters in the state! I trust these guys but i would like a little extra input. The boots felt wonderful. What do you all think?
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Since you're in a hurry and need an answer right away your quickest course of action is likely to search for one of the many threads you know exist.

First thing you will find is the oft repeated advice that a boot is as good as the fit it provides for your foot specifically despite any dollar value attached. Many threads covering superfeet also. Again, good unit if it is what your foot needs otherwise a bit of a waste of money.

Another repeated statement in other threads is a comfy fit in the shop with a new boot will most often translate into a loose sloppy fit a couple of weeks skiing down the road.

Information relating to your foot and how the shell fit worked out in these shells both behind the heels and sides and over the instep as well would be a good starting point.
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New Boots

I agree with L7. If you can't find a good boot fitter in Wis, and can't find one if you go somewhere else. Then you have to become your own expert. Epics entries on the subject should help. Just because a ski shop is nice doesn't mean they know anything except good PR. Most common mistakes when buying boot are that the salesman doesn't fit the shell to hyour foot and when they don't do this they usually fit you with a shell thats really too big. Don't get a stiff race boot unless you are a good racer. I wore Techncas for over 10 yrs, TNT's forward canted and stiff.
Now I ski in an Atomic boot and its the most comfortable boot I've worn in 30 years. Get conventional buckle boots and stay away from experiments that last one year and fade away. In my opinion foot beds moulded and air vacuumed to your foot are absolutely worth the money. Just a few thoughts on the subject. Good luck
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I know two excellent bootfitters that use very different approaches to choosing boots, and neither will recommend a Tecnica boot to anybody.

I like Head, Nordica, and Salomon boots, offering different fits for differently shaped feet and ankles. Keep in mind that a low priced item that doesn't do the job is no bargain. Get boots that fit and have the capability to improve your skiing. A bootfitter can make the boots bigger at tight spots, but can't make the boot smaller.

This (http://www.gmolfoot.com/footbeds.html) is what footbeds are designed to do. If you don't need them, don't buy them. If you need them, buy good ones.

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